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Kansans for Life “Wield Tremendous Power” only because of grassroots pro-lifers

by | Jun 10, 2021

By Kansans for Life

A recent article in the Kansas Reflector entitled, “How to Imagine a Kansas Where the Anti-Abortion Lobby Doesn’t Control Everything,” clearly showed that two camps are gearing up for the biggest fight for life in our state’s history – a battle for the soul of Kansas.    

With the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment set to appear on voters’ ballots August 2, 2022, we knew the abortion industry would be coming with everything they have—after all, they do the unthinkable on a daily basis.  

The question was not if, but when. The answer is now.   

“You know what would be really shocking? A world in which Kansans for Life isn’t the loudest voice in the Capitol.” —  C.J. Janovy, The Kansas Reflector, May 24, 2021

The abortion industry’s newest shapeshift is rising under the guise of an organization called Prairie Roots. The group is being led by long-time abortion industry allies, former Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Barbara Bollier and State Rep. Brad Parker, who resigned his seat this session in order to lead this effort. Their voting records show us they support unlimited, unregulated abortion, available up to birth, and paid for with your tax dollars.  

Prairie Roots’ goals are to teach “deep canvassing skills,” in order to undermine, among other things, Kansans for Life’s efforts.  

After all, one of Parker’s central complaints is that he has watched Kansans for Life “wield tremendous power” in the legislature.

He’s specifically upset the VALUE THEM BOTH Amendment was placed on the August 2022 ballot and that KFL worked to close election law loopholes regarding ballot harvesting.

Translation: The abortion industry believes you, as a pro-life Kansan, are too influential and effective, because you  are Kansans for Life.

According to Barbara Bollier, 2020 showed that “investing in organizing and voter mobilization in any state — no matter how much of an uphill battle that might have been in the past — can lead to historical change.” They have already started knocking on doors to bring about this “change.” 

We must move fast to organize the pro-life movement better than ever before. With the threat of unlimited abortion soon upon us, now is the time to act.

The abortion industry has enormous amounts of money to expend in order to spread lies across Kansas over the next year and a half. 

But our side has the power of the people. Passionate people. Life-loving and protecting people. People who step forward to give of themselves and invest their resources at the hour of need. This is that hour.   

This is not going to be a sprint, but a marathon, and we will need your continued, faithful partnership if pro-lifers are going to be successful in this sustained effort. 

If, Kansans for Life “wield(s) tremendous power,” it is because we are your voice at the capitol and in the public square.

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