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Man Whose Wife Had an Abortion Feels Grief and Guilt

by | Jun 3, 2021

One man whose wife had an abortion said:

“….the feeling of guilt gnawed away at me, until I had to do what I learned so well in the Army; I hardened my heart and buried my feelings. But I couldn’t keep the lid on them all the time. Just as the buried pain and resentment from my military duty would at times explode like a volcano, so it was with the bitterness about losing the child.”

He broke up with his wife.

“When my wife and I were facing this [decision regarding abortion] we were not getting the facts from the health clinic or the abortion clinic. No one told us that there were long-term effects from abortion. No one told us that many people involved with abortion suffer guilt, depression, and regret long after the abortion itself.”

“A Man’s Viewpoint on Abortion” Great Expectations, Fall 1988, Newsletter of the Rockville (M.D.) pregnancy center, P 1, 4

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