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No last chance for women of the United Kingdom in the midst of an abortion to choose life

by | Jun 22, 2021

By Brooke Myrick

“Have many of you have ever made a decision at some point in your life that you regret?” 

This simple question has recently changed my life. 

As I sat in a room full of nurses one day two years ago, a speaker boldly asked this question with a request for a response by a raising of hands. I raised my hand and curiously looked around the room to find every other hand in the room raised. Where was the speaker going to go with this? 

The speaker then followed up by asking, “how many of you have ever made a decision that you regret, and wished there was a way you could have reversed your choice?” 

I again raised my hand as did every other nurse in attendance. 

I began thinking about my life. The many decisions I have made. 

The speaker proceeded to state, “I am here today to share there is a way for a woman in the midst of an abortion, to have a last chance at choosing life for her unborn child.” 

My past holds some decisions and choices that I am not proud of. I have often thanked God, He has forgiven me and given me a second chance. I have often thought of where I could be and what could have become of me if I had not had a second chance. His second chance saved my life.

I began working as a RN hotline consultant for the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN) in February of 2020. I had a passionate desire to play a role in offering women their second chance. I come from a background of nine years within a pregnancy center. In a pregnancy center, the women that enter the doors are often considering their options for the life growing inside them. These women most commonly have time to share their fears, pressures, and circumstances directing their pregnancy decision. Our conversations often extended up to an hour and ended with her leaving the center feeling supported, cared for, and educated in honesty, truth, and medical facts. 

“I felt I had no other choice.” 

“I did not know I had any other options.” 

“I was told if I started this abortion, I must finish it. I have self-induced vomiting; do you think my baby will be ok?” 

“As soon as the pill went down my throat, I knew I made the wrong decision.”

“Please tell me you can help me. Is there anything you can do to save my baby?” 

These are the questions and statements of many women calling the APRN hotline. These women have started an abortion and are pleading for someone to please provide immediate help. In this setting, time is of the essence. 

Women call the APRN hotline when they have started an abortion and regret their decision. The Abortion Pill Rescue Network exists to provide immediate assistance and offer a last chance at choosing life. 

The abortion pill reversal protocol is explained when a woman contacts APRN and her questions are answered with truth and medical facts. She is sent a consent form for APRN services and given another opportunity to ask questions related to the reversal treatment. 

When the consent signature is received, her permission is granted for the nurse to locate a provider to provide abortion pill reversal treatment. She is then connected to a provider to begin progesterone treatment and receive reversal follow-up care. 

The woman is then given additional educational resources with a referral to a pregnancy center in her area. Pregnancy centers are available to offer women and families ongoing support, assistance with material needs, educational classes, and many other services free of charge. These centers exist to provide long-term love, support, and care to women and families in their communities. 

“Why has there been help in the UK and now there isn’t anyone that can help me?” 

“Can you please find someone to help me?” 

“Is there anyone in the UK that can please give me the progesterone?’ 

“Can you please help me save my baby?” 

These are some of the questions being asked of the APRN hotline consultant nurses daily by women in the United Kingdom. 

Recently in the United Kingdom, women have been denied their second chance to choose life for their unborn child. Women in the UK are calling the APRN hotline daily with an immediate regret of their abortion decision, with a desire to choose life for their unborn child – and being denied assistance. 

This is because the previous APRN providers in the UK have recently been disciplined and prohibited from assisting women with abortion pill reversal. The women of the UK are currently without a reversal choice and are being denied their second chance. 

Denying women of the UK the opportunity for abortion pill reversal, denies them their choice to choose life. These women are being left in despair with no one to offer them their second chance. Where are the rights of women in the UK?

Statistics show that more than 2,000 women have successfully stopped their abortions and saved their children through APRN—a hotline and network of over 1000 medical professionals, operated by Heartbeat International. 

Every life, born and unborn, is worthy of complete protection. 

Every woman is worthy of the choice to choose life.

Editor’s note: Heartbeat International manages the Abortion Pill Rescue® Network (APRN) and Pregnancy Help News where this appeared. Reposted with permission.