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Overcoming all hurdles, NRL 2021 National Convention a rousing success

by | Jun 28, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

General Session on “Counteracting the Abortion Pill one life at a time.”
Left to Right; Ingrid Duran, NRL State Legislative Director; Lynda Bell, Chairman of the NRL Board of Directors; Randall K. O’Bannon, Ph.D., NRL Director of Education & Research; and Dr. Matthew Harrison
Photo credit: Karen Cross

“What a joy to stand with faithful leaders who stand for life for all.”  The Rev. Dr. Gregory P. Seltz, Friday’s Prayer Breakfast speaker at the 2021 NRL National Convention.

Dr. Seltz is executive director of the Missouri Church Lutheran Synod’s new Lutheran Center for Religious Liberty and a featured speaker at National Right to Life’s 50th convention. But he could have been speaking for all who attended the two-day conference in Herndon, Virginia when he told NRL News Today

“What I really enjoyed about getting to know the people who gathered for the National Right to Life Convention was their commitment to ‘each person.’ They realized they are privileged to serve in this whole abortion/pro-life struggle.”

He added

It’s not just a ‘cause’! So many servant hearts gathering and getting strengthened for the work means that more blessings are on the horizon for our nation!”

But those blessings were not assured as recently as a month ago. Virginia’s rabidly pro-abortion governor has very slowly and very reluctantly opened up the Commonwealth.

“There’s no such thing ‘as a little’ euthanasia.” Wesley J. Smith (left) and Wayne Cockfield with moderator Jennifer Popik. J.D.
Photo credit: Karen Cross

National Right to Life had to make a very tough call. 

We knew the turnout would not approach the numbers that typically come to the pro-life educational event of the year. But Convention Director Jacki Ragan also had to factor in that Covid 19 meant that last year’s convention had been cancelled. Collectively NRL’s leadership concluded that whatever the attendance, it was far more important that grassroots pro-life America have the benefit of attending 50 workshops, four general sessions, a Prayer Breakfast, and a closing Banquet.

And what a success the 50th Convention was. Attendance was larger than NRL could have hoped for, the speakers were absolutely superb, and the enthusiasm off the chart. 

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And what a selection to choose from!

The convention started with Dr. Seltz’s inspiring talk, followed immediately by a General Session that addressed the question, “Is this case [the Mississippi abortion law the Supreme Court will hear this fall] the first step to overturning Roe?”

On Friday night, Patricia Sandoval, EWTN show host and author of “Transfigured,” shared her incredible journey. As Maria Gallagher explained based on her interview with Sandoval, Sandoval learned about the “harsh, cruel reality of abortion” from behind the doors of the abortion industry. Working in that traumatizing environment, she came away with the strong belief that “the abortion industry does not care about women.”

Saturday morning’s General Session featured pro-life bioethicist Wesley J. Smith, who titled his speech, “There is no such thing as ‘just a little’ euthanasia.” His many books and thousands of articles documented the truism that “safeguards” are, as he once wrote, “baloney.” They are simply a way station to wide-open assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Pro-life Sen. Tom Cotton delivered a powerful critique of the Culture of Death, in general, the Biden-Harris Administration’s contribution to it in particular. He said pro-abortionists have been “emboldened by the most pro-abortion White House in American history.”

As the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette described Sen. Cotton’s uplifting remarks

“We’ve made great strides toward our goal in recent years, despite the furious and feverish opposition of the abortion lobby. We’ve passed many pro-life laws in the states, as a shield for the unborn and to curb the worst abuses of the abortion industry,” he said.

“And in Washington, yes, we’ve moved heaven and Earth to confirm pro-life judges and three Supreme Court justices we hope may soon one day call Roe v. Wade what it was and what it remains: a moral and constitutional travesty,” he said.

“When Roe falls, a great injustice will be rectified, and a great rebuke to our nation’s values will be reconciled, and millions of innocent souls will be saved,” he said.

Over the next four days, NRL News Today will write additional stories about this great convention. Be sure to order MP3s today! 

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