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UK Medical board stops Christian doctor from assisting women who wish to reverse their chemical abortions

by | Jun 10, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

Bob Unruh  is reporting that the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service has ordered Dr. Dermot Kearney, an experienced medical consultant who provides emergency care and is a former President of the Catholic Medical Association (UK), not to provide women with the abortion reversal treatment for up to 18 months while an investigation takes place.

Christian Concern reports that “It is believed to be the first time a medical doctor has been prohibited from providing a treatment that saves lives.” The publication added that “Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, Dr. Kearney is considering a challenge to the decision made by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service at an interim hearing on May 12, 2021.”

“Here you have a doctor being prohibited from saving lives and providing women with first class professional support in a crisis,” charged Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Center.

“There is something very wrong going on when a medical doctor is prohibited from saving babies’ lives at a time when we are told we must do everything to save lives in response to coronavirus,” Williams said, “These women were urgently seeking help after abortion providers closed the door and said there was no hope and no way back after taking the first pill.”

Dr. Kearney is charged with assisting women who have changed their minds about completing a chemical abortion. Although not spelled out in detail in the stories, Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) involves giving women progesterone to offset the impact of mifepristone, the first of the two drugs that make up chemical abortions, rather than the woman taking  misoprostol, the second drug.

Christian Concern interviewed women who spoke out on behalf of Dr. Kearney’s compassion and medical competence. For example, there is Rachel’s account (all italics are in the original):

Falling pregnant during [Covid-19] lockdown, Rachel felt she could not go through with the pregnancy on her own.

She says she ‘impulsively’ made an appointment at an abortion clinic and when she arrived the next day, she says she was in ‘hysterics’.

“While they were doing the scan, I could not stop crying, she says. “The staff were unconcerned and frustrated with me. I received no support, no guidance or even compassion as to what I was feeling and about to do.”

Feeling pressurised, Rachel took the first pill and also instantly regretted it. She asked the doctors at the clinic whether it was possible to reverse what she had done, and they said it was not possible.

Going home, she and her partner began researching what help was available, and she was put in touch with Dr Kearney.

“He was incredible. He was kind, he did not pressurise me, he set realistic expectations and also helped my partner who had questions.”

Rachel has now given birth to a healthy baby.

“If it wasn’t for Dr Kearney, our child would not be alive,” she says. “We have not once regretted the decision to reverse the termination and we are grateful to Dr Kearney for being there for us.”