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Yes, PBS NewsHour, there are many, many states “increasingly at odds with the Biden administration on critical issues”

by | Jun 11, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

The PBS NewsHour headline read, “Texas increasingly at odds with the Biden administration on critical issues” which is true enough. But the headline would have been equally accurate if it read “Texas increasingly at odds with the PBS NewsHour on critical issues.”

Austin, Texas-based Political reporter Daniel Bush joined anchor Judy Woodruff to lament the direction of the Lone Star State. Our concern is only on abortion. Here’s what Daniel Bush said, followed by a couple of observations on my part. He began by focusing on the new fetal heartbeat law and then said

And when you pull back and look at the national picture, what you see here is Texas joining a number of states, Georgia, Arizona, others, where Republican-controlled state legislatures are doing everything they can to enact a conservative agenda, at a time when, in Washington, D.C., Democrats are in charge. They are trying to do, frankly, quite the opposite.

Three quick points.

1. If Republicans controlled the Presidency and Congress, wouldn’t we expect Democrat-controlled states to attempt to counter what Republicans are doing in Washington, DC? Of course. Besides, whomever wields the levers of power in our nation’s capitol, the 50 states will go their merry way.

2. Having said that, it is also true that the agenda of the Biden-Harris administration and congressional Democrats is radical by almost anyone’s standards. Writing in the Washington Examiner, columnist David Harsanyi observes that the Democrat party “is in the midst of a historic ideological transformation. A leftward trajectory that began during the Obama years has now accelerated to a perilous speed.” That level of aggressiveness is going to spark a strong response from Republicans, especially in the states where they are the majority party. And

3. “A number of states” are “doing everything they can to enact a conservative agenda,” to quote Daniel Bush. That’s true and that “number” is growing.

But what sends shivers up and down the spines of Democrat operatives is something we’ve talked about often in the last six months and as recently as Monday: “Future prospects for pro-abortion Democrats continually grow bleaker.

Democrats were crushed in many state legislative races last year, they control the Senate only because the Vice President casts tie-breaking votes, and there is every reason to believe their tiny advantage in the House of Representatives may well vanish in 2022.

Yes, Texas is “increasingly at odds with the Biden administration on critical issues” as are many, many other states.

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