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Building on Republican Party’s 2020 Wins in the House, more pro-life GOP women planning to run for the House

by | Jul 7, 2021

By Dave Andrusko 

Last Friday, when Gabriel Rubin posted a story under the headline “More Republican Women Plan Runs for House, Building on Party’s 2020 Wins,” for all practical purposes, he could have written “More Pro-Life Republican Women” since virtually all GOP congressional candidates are pro-life.

Before we dive into what prospective newcomers are doing, let’s talk about Rubin’s lead for his Wall Street Journal article which reminds readers how crucial the election of pro-life Republican women in 2020 was to narrowing the Democrats in the House to a single digit.

To be sure, there are more pro-abortion Democrat women than pro-life Republican women in the House but that advantage shrank considerably just seven and a half months ago. Rubin wrote

GOP women were some of the stars of Election Night 2020, accounting for 11 of the 14 Republican victories over Democratic incumbents. The number of Republican women in the House grew to a record 31 this year, more than double the 13 in the prior Congress.

Put more directly, the incoming House class included 18 new pro-life Republican women. And there is every reason to believe even more will be added in 2022.

With that level of success, it’s not surprising that the National Republican Congressional Committee told The Wall Street Journal’s Aaron Zitner that

This cycle, 127 Republican women already have indicated they plan to run for House seats, either filing with the Federal Election Commission or announcing plans publicly, That’s more than double the 50 women at about this point in the 2020 cycle and a record for this point dating to 2010. The success of Republican women last year is one reason that a large field looks to be shaping up, said Michael McAdams, spokesman for the NRCC, the party’s main House campaign arm.

Good news all around, especially for unborn babies!

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