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Kate Smith, “Planned Parenthood’s ambassador to CBS News,” quits

by | Jul 15, 2021

 By Dave Andrusko

Not—I repeat not—a good few days for the Abortion Industry and its faithful media enablers.

First, news leaks out that the eleven affiliates of NARAL are hopping mad over the national office’s decision to centralize everything. As the Huffington Post put it, “As the Strategic Roadmap lays out, NARAL intends to turn to a ‘chapter’ model, meaning the state groups will lose their independence and become NARAL staffers. The move gives the national organization more control over strategy, communications and policies. But whether that’s a good thing is where the disagreement comes in.”

The affiliates decidedly do not believe this is a good idea, especially not when the Abortion Movement fears the Supreme Court will take another bite out of at Roe v. Wade when it considers Mississippi’s law which prohibits abortion after 15 weeks.

Then the unexpected news that the full 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals—without being asked—said it will review the decision of a divided panel that overturned the “Missouri Stands For the Unborn Act.”  

As one discouraged pro-abortionist put it, “[B]asically there’s no reason for the 8th Cir to rehear this en banc unless they’re going to go rogue and ignore well-settled law because these bans are unconstitutional. at least for now…”

Then something, I suspect, that caught everyone who is not an insider off-guard. Kate Smith, a stenographer for the Abortion Industry who covers abortion for CBS News, quit. Below is her Instagram post from this afternoon.

So what does this short and sweet announcement tell us? After thanking CBS News and her colleague, she announces that now—finally—she can spread her wings and call it likes she sees it:

Now that I’m not a reporter I can be candid about my own opinions on reproductive rights.

Of course, her pro-abortion opinions were not exactly a secret. But…

I’ll say this: With or without Roe v Wade access to abortion is disappearing across the South and Midwest for low income women. And it’s happening more or less under the radar.

“Under the radar”? Who is kidding whom? “Reporters” like Smith have been howling about this for years. 

What else? She’s not going to allow this important development to be ignored:

It’s a pivotal moment for abortion rights, and one that deserves a lot of coverage and our attention. Editors, I know there’s reader and viewer fatigue when it seems like the millionth six-week ban. But it still major news and ought to be covered.

So, just to point out the obvious. Why would there be “reader and viewer fatigue when it seems like the millionth six-week ban” unless there were like a million stories on this ban and every other piece of pro-life legislation? There’s been no shortage of abortion talking points masked as news “stories.”

We’ll see Smith’s byline soon enough. There are plenty of openings for someone who parrots the Planned Parenthood line.

But what we won’t ever see, I suspect, is Smith acknowledging that she functioned (as National Review Online put it) as “Planned Parenthood’s Ambassador to CBS News.”

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