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NARAL and Joe Biden: two anti-life peas in a pod

by | Jul 28, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. This repost of a story that appeared a year ago today in NRL News Today reminds us of how wedded then-candidate, now President Joe Biden is to the Abortion Establishment. They knew who they were getting, a man who pitched whatever minor qualms about abortion overboard to curry favor with them.

In one of the least surprising political developments to date, NARAL Pro-Choice America embraced pro-abortion Joe Biden to its bosom yesterday, saying all is forgiven.

Once upon a time, the former Vice President supported the Hyde Amendment, an unpardonable sin to NARAL, et. al. But he saw the error of his way in 2019 and repented, less than a day after affirming his support for a policy that has saved over two million lives.

Ilyse Hogue
Photo: Lorie Shaull

According to Alex Roarty of McClatchy, NARAL president Ilyse Hogue’s endorsement is the “latest indication of how the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is consolidating support from a community of activists who once viewed his candidacy skeptically.” 

To be accurate, Hogue fairly gushed over Biden’s embrace of the Abortion Industry’s full agenda.

“We’ve had awesome and robust conversations with the campaign,” Hogue said in an interview with Roarty. “I think, collectively, we’re clear-eyed about the work that needs to be done.” 

Roarty wrote

Hogue said she had spoken with the former vice president in the last couple of weeks “to put the cherry on top of the endorsement.” She declined to reveal specifics of their discussion, but called the group’s endorsement “full throated.”

After all, Biden had come round—all the way around—on the Hyde Amendment:

Hogue said Biden’s shift on the law was proof of his willingness to listen to advocates and his “deeply compassionate” character. On this issue, she said, Biden’s agenda has evolved.

“Robust”; “full throated”; “awesome”; “deeply compassionate”; character, and, best of all, Biden’s “agenda has evolved”—I guess we get the drift.

I forgot one thing. Roarty reminded us that “during his current run for president, he has pledged to enshrine access to abortion rights into federal law.”

What else could Biden do to win NARAL’s affections? 

Hogue said she is not only pleased with Biden’s agenda on abortion rights, but that she’s also excited about any of the women he is reportedly considering as his running mate.

This is important. All the women currently mentioned as possible running mates are solidly pro-abortion.

And were Biden to become President, whomever is the Vice President would be waiting in the wings whenever.

[As we know, Biden chose Kamala Harris, whose devotion to promoting abortion is limitless.]

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