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Overheard at Lifest

by | Jul 15, 2021

By Wisconsin Right to Life

A young lady stopped by our Lifest booth to thank us for the work we do. When her mother was 13, she was raped and became pregnant. While at a Planned Parenthood clinic, she began to have second thoughts and reached out to Wisconsin Right to Life. Needless to say, she did not go through with the abortion. This young lady was in tears as she said, “Thank you for saving my life. – Ed B. 

Wisconsin Right to Life staff members and volunteers spent the weekend hosting a booth at Lifest, one of the nation’s largest Christian music festivals, held in Oshkosh every summer. While there, we met thousands of attendees as they passed through our booth to purchase WRTL merch, watch our video loop, or spin the ‘Wheel of Prizes’ to win stickers, toys, and pro-life goodies. 

We witnessed an amazing interest in the pro-life movement here in Wisconsin, and were able to share our programs and resources with hundreds of families throughout the weekend. Dozens of people shared their own pro-life stories with us, thanking us for the work we do and giving us a glimpse of the impact we’ve had on their lives and the lives of others we may never meet in person. 

Here are some of those stories. 

*A woman stopped by the booth to share that her mom was one of the original members of our Milwaukee County Chapter. Her mom was an RN at a local Milwaukee hospital. On one of her shifts, she was forced to deliver a dead baby from a saline-induced abortion. The doctor who performed the abortion told her that she was more than capable of delivering this child on her own since she “knew where babies came from, because, after all, she had six kids.” After this experience her mother left that hospital and became involved in the pro-life movement. – Heather W. 

*A young woman came up to me at the booth and thanked us for being at Lifest. The last time we were there [in 2019], she was pregnant and single. She remembered that we really encouraged her and it gave her confidence to move forward. This year, she came back to introduce us to her little baby. – Doreen S. 

*One of the visitors to Lifest followed me into our booth and asked where she might get a cup of coffee.  She saw that I had a cup and couldn’t find the vendor.  We had a great sale on t-shirts, and I offered to buy her a cup if she would purchase one of those shirts.  While we were walking to the food truck, I talked about the work we do and how we impact lives.  I gave her a brief history about Wisconsin Right to Life and she seemed genuinely interested.  Later that morning, she came back and shared her passion for the pro-life mission.  She ended up buying another $53.00 worth of merchandise to share with her family and signed up to be part of our mailing list. – Ed B. 

*I met an ER doctor who took a stack of our cards. He once had a patient who had 13 children from 13 different men and 14 abortions. Seeing that inspired him to educate women about their life-affirming options. He resonated with our sweatshirt that says “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.” – Lizzie C. 

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