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Abortion” a 21st Century Trojan Horse

by | Aug 6, 2021

By Jean Garton 

Editor’s note. Although it does truly seem like yesterday, we lost this pro-life giant five years ago. Jean, my friend of over 30 years, wrote many stories for NRL News and NRL News Today. Periodically, we run one of her terrific posts for those who were not privileged to read the magnificent work of the author of the pro-life classic, “Who Broke the Baby?”

I recently invited an audience of senior citizens to share a lesson they remembered from their grade school years. The first person to respond brought laughter from the others when he said what he most remembers is his mother saying, “Pick up your room!”

That wasn’t what I had in mind, but it certainly is a universal memory. A woman then said she can still recite the names of all the Grecian columns. Another could still identify the different types of clouds he learned in seventh grade. My own favorite lesson from early years is about the Trojan Horse. ….

For 10 years the mighty Greek fleet and thousands of its warriors lay siege to the city of Troy. Then, in a seeming admission of defeat, the Greeks built a huge wooden horse and presented it to Troy as a parting gift of “surrender.” The trusting Trojans dragged the gift through a demolished section of the city wall only to discover, hidden inside, Greek soldiers who, having once gained entrance, captured the city, sacked and burned it.

Troy fell; not because of the superiority of its enemy but because of a deception that has made it a famous ever since. Everyone in the group that evening remembered that ancient story from 3,000 years ago and remembered its famous warning: “Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts.”

The Twenty-First century, in a real sense, has its own Trojan Horse— the pervasive practice of abortion which has been promoted by many as a “gift” to women.

Most recently, for instance, the reports of the damage done to children in the womb thought to be caused by the Zika virus–microcephaly–has spurred pro-abortionists to assert that abortion is a great gift to such mothers. Even Brazil, which has been strongly pro-life, is being urged to loosen its protective abortion laws. Fortunately, those countries, parents of children with microcephaly, and people with microcephaly are fighting back. They understand that this is no “gift” but the latest example of the pro-abortion response to everything: kill.

Like the Trojan Horse, contained within this “gift” is a stealthy enemy. The price that we all pay for the deaths of 58 million [now over 61 million] unborn babies is incalculable. Let me more specific about this bogus “gift”:

What happens to a medical profession that engages in killing defenseless children both impersonally and with detachment, yet very, very lucratively? What happens to Western medicine, the most compassionate, humane medicine in history, when it reverts to the pagan practice in which the doctor becomes both healer and executioner at the same time? This is no “gift” to our country.

What happens to attitudes toward all children, born and unborn? Women have always sensed that in pregnancy the child is theirs to protect, but abortion teaches that the child is theirs to accept or reject. Abortion births a view of unborn children as “property,” a mentality that is often carried over to born children. This is no “gift” to children whether in or out of the womb.

What happens to men who have no legal way to prevent the death of their child by abortion? Many men whose partners had an abortion, themselves grieve over the loss of their child, are angry at the woman involved, and/or have a feeling of impotence about their lives in general. Abortion is no “gift” to these men.

What happens to fundamental relationships following an abortion such as relationships with parents or even other children in the family? Teenagers can have abortions without parental consent or knowledge. How is that a “gift” to family unity and well-being?

Girls who have had an abortion are four times more likely to commit suicide than are women who do not. Children already existing in the family often experience a deep, subtle but permanent fracture of a trusting relationship with their mother.

Their unspoken question is, “If I become unwanted, imperfect, or inconvenient, will mother do that at to me?” A “gift”? Not for children already born or for girls who lack family support.

What happens to women who have an abortion? When they abort, women are waging war with their own nurturing nature. While she can have an ex-lover or an ex-husband, she can never have an ex-child – only a living child or a dead child – but a child, nevertheless, who is written forever on her biological consciousness.

While responses to an abortion vary from woman to woman, the most common response is guilt. Sadly, much “counseling” often plays down the reality of guilt, telling the woman it is her right, her choice, her body, a “gift” to solve a problem. In other words, she is made to feel guilty about feeling guilty.

At a recent March for Life, I saw a poster that said, “We’re not opposing your right; we’re opposing a so-called ‘right’ that is wrong.” Through our God, even abortion can be forgiven. Our biggest mistakes, our greatest failures can be forgiven. That is the real gift, to sustain and protect life, not end it!

Unlike the destructive gift of the Greeks to Troy, unlike the “gift” of abortion that has damaged our country, our families, and our people, the Gift of God brings healing to the broken spirit and peace to the grieving heart.

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