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Former abortion worker on half-hearted options: “another tool that was used to force a woman into an abortion”

by | Aug 2, 2021

By Sarah Terzo

From one former abortion worker:

“In my facilities, I always gave options counseling. Of course you make the abortion the most appealing. I told them about adoption and about foster care and about (when there was welfare) assistance. The typical way it would go is, “Well, you know you can place your baby out for adoption” but then, in the same breath, you would say, “That’s an option available to you, but you also have to realize that there’s going to be a baby of yours out here somewhere in the world you will never see again. At least with abortion you know what’s happened. You can go on with your life.”…

The longer I was in it, the less I cared, so I really didn’t care what my conscience said. My conscience was totally numb anyway. But what it did do was public relations wise. You were able, when a reporter or TV crew came, to pull out a packet of information for the patients to read and they received it. So what can anybody say? Publicly it looked good – in reality it was another tool that was used to force a woman into an abortion. It’s typical – I would give them an option and then shoot it down. The only option you didn’t shoot down, obviously, was abortion.

Richard and Rhonda White, Confronting Abortion Distortions(Xulon Press, 2013) p.61.

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