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It’s truly mystifying to pro-abortionists: Pro-life persistence

by | Aug 30, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

Often when analyzing what pro-abortionists are saying (which we do a lot at NRL News Today), you have to be very selectively in adding hyperlinks. 

Once upon a time you didn’t need to be so careful. Nowadays some of the language is, to put it mildly, salty. 

Never is that more prevalent when—after being assured by their media compatriots that pro-abortionists will have the field to themselves–pro-lifers plow forward. Imagine the quasi-hysterical response, if in the first major off-year election, pro-lifers carry the day this November in “purple” Virginia?

When Biden-Harris prevailed last November and (eventually) fellow pro-abortion Democrats came to control both Houses of Congress, some newbie anti-lifers thought a corner had been turned. However, when pro-lifers assumed their usual position—passing state legislation—and the Supreme Court agreed to hear Mississippi’s Gestational Age Act, it was harder to know if they were more shocked, angry, or astonished.

The New York Times says in more conventional language what zany sites like and say in language not acceptable in polite company.

Say what? How can there be…..

More women’s right to know laws? 

More legislation to ban abortions on pain-capable unborn children? More protective abortion clinic regulation? 

More state health department-run websites which pregnant women can go online to learn about their unborn baby’s development and resources available when they choose life? 

More legislation to ban sex-selection abortions?

More ultrasound laws to give women a breather before they make a life-and-death decision? 

More requirements that abortionists stop the dangerous practice of “webcam” abortions where they are not even in the same room as the woman ingesting powerful abortifacients?

Is there no end to what you guys [us] come up with? In a word, no.

They are many reasons pro-lifers prevail over and over again in state elections and will again in 2022 in congressional elections. The one irreducible requirement is you. As long as you keep the faith—which I know you will–the greatest social justice movement of our time goes on.

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Thank you!

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