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LIFE FILM FEST in your home!

by | Aug 27, 2021

Buy Your Tickets THIS WEEK!

Raleigh Studios, (The Original Chaplin Studios) and adjacent to Paramount Studios, has been the host of Life Fest for many years.

The 11th season of Life Fest (2021) will stream on LINE, August 26-31. You won’t have to drive to Hollywood. You can view all the films from the comfort of your living room! Special discount: FORLIFE.

Order your tickets now!

Life Fest 2021 ONLINE!! Aug 26

Sample Trailers:

Hope for the Holidays
Roe v Wade
Dark Places
Little Room for Justice
Plus many more! Get your tickets now!

This year you don’t need to drive to Hollywood! The ‘good guys in Hollywood will come to your living room! See the latest life-affirming films – films that underscore the intrinsic value and worth of every, single life – and the need to protect each: Life Fest 2021!

Your best bet – the ALL festival pass – unlimited viewings – unlimited replays Aug 26- 31!!! Special 10% discount enter: FORLIFE

“Life Fest is my favorite event of the Year!” — The late Charlie Holiday

“I love the films at Life Fest!” — Vanna White

“Life Fest is a great opportunity for filmmakers to tell these stories.” — Clint Howard, Actor

Life Film Festival highlights emerging filmmakers as well as seasoned Hollywood pros who seek to tell stories affirming the intrinsic value of individual lives, and especially the seemingly ‘insignificant’ life.

Watch Life Fest Films in the Comfort of your Living Room

This year, for the first time, you will not need to pack your bags, get a room and travel to Hollywood to attend Life Fest Film Festival. You can view all films and vote from your recliner!

Tickets on sale now. Screenings — Aug. 26th through 31st.

Life Film Fest

Go there NOW!

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