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New Jersey pro-lifers staving off new radical pro-abortion proposal

by | Aug 25, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

It’s not often we get encouraging news out of New Jersey, which is dominated by pro-abortion Democrats whose governor, Phil Murphy,  is a particular fan of Planned Parenthood.

Today’s headline in the New Jersey Monitor reads “New Jersey abortion access bill remains in limbo: Introduced in October 2020, the Reproductive Freedom Act hasn’t made it out of committee.” In the second paragraph, reporter Sophie Nieto-Munoz gives us the pro-abortion spin that we hear every time another extremist pro-abortion measure is introduced.

The Reproductive Freedom Act, S3030, would codify and expand abortion access and pregnancy-related care…..

But the good news is in the very first paragraph:A bill to expand abortion access in New Jersey, once hailed by Democrats as proof of their commitment to reproductive freedom amid a threat to abortion rights nationwide, remains stalled and faces an uncertain future.”

Pro-abortionists are confident they will prevail, in a lame duck session. Here are two inter-related reasons.

“The measure was the third most lobbied bill in the state in the 2020-2021 legislative session, according to the Election Law Enforcement Commission, beat out only by the two budget bills passed during the coronavirus pandemic,” Nieto-Munoz writes. Plus it’s a veritable Who’s Who of the Abortion Lobby. “Of the 10 groups that lobbied for the bill, the majority did so in support, including New Jersey Planned Parenthood, NJ Policy Perspective, the National Institute for Reproductive Health, and state and national chapters of ACLU.”

The focus of the article is how immense the lobbying has been—“outside pressure” as one pro-abortionist put it. As has been the case for the two years +, the argument is that Roe v. Wade is in danger and state laws, no matter how permissive of abortion (New Jersey’s abortion rate is second in the nation only to the District of Columbia), they must be expanded and every limitation removed.

So, while the tiresome shorthand is “codifying Roe,” in truth the New Jersey Reproductive Freedom Act (S3030/A4848) goes far beyond that. For example, it would allow non-physicians to perform abortions and sets no limits on how late in pregnancy an abortion can be performed.

New Jersey pro-lifers have bravely staved off the onslaught thus far. Our prayers go out to them.

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