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Pregnant woman and her baby both die in an attempted abortion

by | Aug 23, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

It would be difficult to be more grim.

Police in Mubi, Nigeria  have arrested Mumini Abubakar and a companion who allegedly killed Abubakar’s pregnant girlfriend in the process of trying to abort her baby. A third man, Rabi’u Adamu, was also arrested for his part in burying the woman’s body.

Police said that in an effort to destroy evidence, the culprits buried the body of Franca Elisha Iliya “along with a mobile phone and a National Identity Card, belonging to the deceased,” according to Sahara Reporters.

There were conflicting accounts whether Elisha wanted or consent to the abortion.

Abubakar allegedly took Franca to his dorm room on August 6. Someone described only as a friend of Franca, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Sahara Reporters that “To carry out their planned abortion, the accused invited his friend and a student of the College of Health and Technology, Mubi, Huzaifa Shu’aibu, who supplied an injection for the abortion.”

The friend said “Huzaifa injected Franca with a powerful drug for abortion after which she fainted immediately” but recovered.

“When she regained consciousness and began to feel better, he allegedly gave her a second dose of the drug; she passed out a second time and died a short time later, according to police.”

Elisha Iliya, the girl’s father, told the reporter that

“[M]y daughter left home on the fateful day for school, but did not return home as usual. 

“We searched everywhere as well as made contacts, but to no avail.

“We decided to contact her friend and fellow student, who told us she last saw my daughter with Abubakar on the day she was killed while running to the hostel because it was raining.

“It was the girl who helped us to locate the whereabouts of Abubakar, to effect his arrest.

“Abubakar was arrested while playing football as if nothing had happened. He however led the police to my daughter’s shallow gravesite,” he said.

A police spokesman said, “Investigation so far revealed that it was Mumini Abubakar who impregnated her and that it was Huzaifa Shu’aibu, who administered the injection, while Rabiu Adamu assisted in burying the corpse.”

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