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Pro-abortionists attack parental consent law in Louisiana

by | Aug 2, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

There are few protections for vulnerable women more popular with the public than laws that require parental involvement before a minor has an abortion.

So, of course, the Abortion Industry hates them with a passion. Imagine that: allowing parents to have a voice in a life-and-death decision about their own grandchild.

As Louisiana Right to Life wrote today, the usual suspects have filed a lawsuit against recent changes in the state’s law that are intended to close a gaping loophole. Pro-abortionists are clear about their intentions: they want “access to abortion care without barriers” for young women.

First, the background.

Louisiana law  says that a minor must have consent of at least one parent to have an abortion. But that requirement can be circumvented.  “The Supreme Court has given a minor the “judicial bypass” option, allowing a minor girl to seek a judge’s approval to have the abortion, all without the parent knowing,” as Louisiana Right to Life explained. 

What’s happened over the past five years is judicial shopping. The attorneys for the Abortion Industry “ have found abortion-friendly judges who will likely always grant the approval for abortion.”

In response, pro-lifers made changes in the last legislative session, limiting the jurisdiction to judges in a local parish. Louisiana Right to Life explained that

We hope the Supreme Court soon will remove Roe v. Wade and the judicial bypass all together. But until that time, we want judges in local parishes who haven’t been lobbied by the abortion industry to be conversing with minor girls who are considering an abortion. These judges have a better knowledge of their local community and potentially the resources that might be available to young women.

Naturally, the Abortion Industry sued in state court. A preliminary injunction hearing has been set for August 5th.

“Thankfully, Attorney General Jeff Landry and his legal team are defending this law that was overwhelmingly passed by the Louisiana Legislature,” Louisiana Right to Life wrote.

As we have written so many times at National Right to Life News Today, a pro-life Attorney General willing to take on the Abortion  Industry—in this case defending parental consent—is a huge plus for teenagers, their parents, and their unborn children.