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Six Ways to Defeat a Pro-Life Candidate

by | Aug 17, 2021

By Karen Cross, Political Director

Elections matter tremendously for the pro-life cause. This could not be clearer as we watched the slim pro-abortion Democratic House majority advance an appropriations bill without the Hyde Amendment, a longstanding rider that prevents our federal tax dollars from being used to pay for abortions. 

All who have a heart for the unborn and their mothers must give their all in the coming year, including in the next few months in the Commonwealth of Virginia which is having a gubernatorial election. 

However, we must be careful that in our passion we don’t actually help defeat pro-life candidates. 

How, you may ask, can we do this? There are six ways this can happen: 

1.    Fall in love with your candidate. Too often pro-lifers get so excited about their candidate that if he/she loses to another pro-life candidate (especially in a primary), the pro-life grassroots person doesn’t support the pro-life candidate who won. Because their candidate didn’t win, they won’t volunteer in the campaign or work to get others to vote for that candidate. Pro-life candidates need the active support of all pro-lifers and, all too often, without that full support, a pro-abortion candidate wins. 

2.   Believe that your candidate is the only real pro-life candidate in the race and bash other pro-life candidates. Some people pick out the one or two votes that a pro-life candidate didn’t vote right on and attack him or her as not being really pro-life. By doing this, however, the pro-lifer demoralizes other pro-lifers and weakens enthusiasm for the pro-life candidate who does win the primary. 

3.   Support a really nice candidate who is pro-life but has no chance of winning. The viability of a candidate must be considered when we decide whom to vote for.  If it is apparent a wonderfully pro-life candidate can’t win, he needs to be encouraged to step aside for a candidate who may not be as eloquent but who can actually win and then be in a position to take action to protect unborn children.

4.   Expect the candidate to sound like a Right to Life chapter chairman. Many candidates will do what’s right when they’re elected, but that doesn’t mean they will be comfortable or eloquent talking about the killing of unborn babies. Some of our strongest pro-life elected officials, whose actions have helped to save hundreds of thousands of unborn babies, are not articulate on pro-life issues. Remember, words are nice, action is far better. 

5.   Expect the candidate to make abortion the top issue in the campaign. In order to win, a candidate has to focus on several issues that will appeal to a broad variety of voters.  In some races, making abortion an issue will help the candidate, but in some parts of the country, the pro-life candidate must stress other issues in order to win. 

6.   Vote for a third-party candidate who has no chance of winning. There will be times when a third-party candidate will get into the race, claiming to be the “real” pro-lifer. He will attack the pro-life candidate and get other pro-lifers to jump on board.  This is a sure strategy to elect the pro-abortion candidate. In some close races the number of votes for a third-party candidate can be the difference between electing a pro-life candidate instead of a pro-abortion candidate. 

You can click here [ ]to download the “6 Ways to Defeat a Pro-Life Candidate” brochure to distribute to your friends and family. Remember the outcome of elections matters tremendously and a pro-life candidate must win in order to be able to take the action necessary to save babies. 

In South Carolina alone more than 184,000 babies are alive today because South Carolina Citizens for Life helped pass pro-life legislation.  That’s 184,000 families blessed with a baby instead of cursed with despair and regret. 

What a difference pro-lifers can make in a race! Let’s be careful that our well-intentioned actions don’t help defeat the pro-life candidate.

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