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The blessings when acts of selflessness and kindness are extended to women in need of accompaniment on their pregnancy journey

by | Aug 30, 2021

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

It is always heartening to see people reach out to pregnant women, offering them loving support and encouragement when they face challenging circumstances.

While scrolling through a social media newsfeed, I came upon yet another example of individuals engaging in acts of selflessness and kindness on behalf of a woman in need of accompaniment on her pregnancy journey.

The woman had been considering abortion, but, thanks to the support offered to her, chose life for her preborn child. 

A life saved…an entire branch of a family tree allowed to flourish. 

All because of the generosity of spirit of some unsung heroes.

A dedicated team is planning a baby shower for this mother and her precious child, and pledges to strive to meet any particular needs she might have. The care and compassion offered to this woman are truly inspiring, and speak to the love that each pregnant woman and child want and deserve.

Certainly, there will be challenges along the way to the day of this unrepeatable baby’s birth. But with the circle of caring surrounding her, this woman has a support network she might not have dreamed possible.

This is just one of the many, many stories that are replicated each day across our beloved country. They do not make the evening news, but they are of great significance. They demonstrate the kindness and decency of people committed to helping others, of those who are casting light in the darkness. 

 May we follow their example, bringing hope to pregnant women who may feel as if they are struggling alone, with no one to turn to. 

Through the strength of community, may each pregnant woman be empowered to make life-affirming decisions for herself and her beloved child.       

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