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The macabre proposal to tolerate infanticide, in the name of abortion rights

by | Aug 31, 2021

By the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues

El Salvador has one of the strongest laws in the world protecting the lives of unborn children. This fact has led to a false narrative that has gone global about a group of 17 women about whom it is claimed have been, or were, imprisoned in El Salvador for miscarriages. 

This story has been pervasive for years with leading pro-abortion organizations, including the Center for Reproductive Rights and Amnesty International, often citing El Salvador and its pro-life law as ‘dangerous’ to women to committees at the UN and OAS, in lobby efforts and fundraising appeals, and elsewhere. The reality is that these women, and others like them, were convicted for infanticide with horrific photos among the evidence documenting beating, strangulations, and drownings.

VIDA SV, a pro-life organization in El Salvador, obtained court documents and published the documents detailing each case on its website including photographs, the charges, convictions, reversals, and appeals. The evidence is overwhelming and disturbing but yet has received little attention owing to the pro-abortion appeal of the false narrative.

A number of the women have been released on parole or commutation based on pardons or clemency granted by the country’s president according to Ave Maria School of Law Professor Ligia De Jesús Castaldi.

The legal scholar writes how the facts of each case have been deliberately concealed, distorted, and lied about by international pro-abortion organizations in their “zeal” to promote abortion mischaracterizing infanticide as “abortion,” “miscarriage” or “obstetric emergency”.

She warns,

“Decriminalization of infanticide seems to be the next frontier in pro-abortion advocacy, both nationally and internationally.

“If anything, the macabre proposal to tolerate infanticide, in the name of abortion rights, has shown the world the infanticidal logic of abortion and a darker side of the international pro-abortion movement, which seems to be radicalizing to previously unimaginable lengths. The treatment of abortion and infanticide as equivalents, on the part of pro-abortion organizations involved in this litigation, is obviously meant to deceive the public; but it also seems to be based on equal disregard for the life of the unborn and the newly born child.”

Clearly, the facts of the deaths of children after birth are of no interest to the pro-abortion organizations as they manipulate these tragedies to advance their own agenda.  

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