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URGENT: California Legislative Issue!

by | Aug 31, 2021

Elderly; Ill; Disabled all now in crosshairs;  Conscientious Californians must stop the expansion of ‘assisted suicide’

By California ProLife Council

SB 380, ‘End of Life’ is now going to the Assembly floor!

SB 380 removes all existing ‘safeguards’ for depressed and dependent patients.

The Assembly is preparing to vote, and the death folk are pushing it hard!

Depressed COVID patients; Nursing home residents; Solitary Elderly; the ill and infirm; disabled–all now in crosshairs of a killing medical profession. 

Stop expansion of ‘assisted suicide’

When assisted suicide was narrowly passed with bipartisan opposition during a special legislative session on Medi-Cal in 2015, then-Senator Bill Monning, a co-author of the bill, assured opponents in California Healthline that “the joint and co-authors on this bill … have endeavored to build in protections in this [measure] that are stronger than the protections in any of the states where this has been practiced.” 

Now the bill authors are proposing to remove their own “safeguards.” SB 380 (Susan Eggman) will roll back the following “safeguards” that were assured in 2015 including:

• Prematurely end the existing 2025 sunset date and legislative reevaluation option four years early with little to no scientific data to support this action (especially in light of the worldwide pandemic);

• No future oversight or evaluation of Annual Reports about assisted suicide requests and their outcomes. Existing reports do not contain any data regarding complications, reasons for requesting the lethal drugs, and for the limited data provided, much is listed as “unknown.” 

• Remove the 15 day waiting period “safeguard.”

All pro-life Californians should immediately URGE their ASSEMBLY MEMBERS to vote no on SB 380 to protect patients. 

Find yours here. Repeat the concerns above and URGE a No Vote.

Special Updates on Life 

California lawsuit filed to authorize 3rd parties to kill disabled.

California SB 380 must be opposed FULL ALERT!

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