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Baby born alive after an abortion, lived for 10 hours

by | Sep 9, 2021

By Sarah Terzo

Loran Denison was pregnant with her fourth child, who was diagnosed with Edwards Syndrome. She had an abortion, but her son was born alive. Doctors didn’t treat the baby, but his heart kept beating for 10 hours as she held him. She named her son Kiyo Bleu.

Denison tells her story:

They told me he had typical Edwards’ Syndrome so would pass away before or just after birth. My boy had a lion heart.

I thought I had done the hard bit when I made the difficult decision to have an abortion, but now it feels ten times worse.

I just want other mums to know in case this happens to them.

I had to watch his heartbeat getting slower and watch his life draining out of him.

You just want to keep your children alive. It was like torture.

None of the doctors thought he would be born alive.

When my partner picked him up after he was born he said ‘his heart is beating’, and they said ‘no way’.

When I took the first tablet on the sixth they said it would stop the pregnancy, heartbeat and everything, so we expected he wouldn’t be alive when he was born.

They didn’t check for a heartbeat before inducing labour, and I wish they had.

I don’t have words for how awful it was…

They said his heart will stop in the next half hour, and I kept ringing the bell to say he was still alive, and I said ‘do you just leave him’ and they said ‘yes.’”

I don’t even have a word for how horrible it feels. There is a person I’ve read about who has survived with Edwards’ Syndrome to 40.

Kiyo Bleu was so strong now I wonder if he would have survived. His heartbeat was so strong you could feel it.

If I had known he would be born alive I probably would have made a different decision.

I thought I was doing the right thing but now I think I have done the wrong thing.”

Katie Pounds, “MUM’S AGONY My abortion failed and I had to give birth to a live baby who died 10 hours later – it broke my heart” The Sun, May 10, 2021.

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