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Baby Leo overcomes abortion pill

by | Sep 21, 2021

By Kim Hayes

Editor’s note. This repost from last year is an outstanding example of the power of abortion pill reversal.

Leo is nearly five months old and has already overcome incredible obstacles to be in the world.  

First his mom Amy scheduled a tubal litigation, was at the clinic, gowned up and all, but changed her mind and went home. Then after being conceived, Leo became the latest in a growing number of Abortion Pill Rescue® success stories.

Both of Leo’s brothers, ages 16 and 14, are adapting very well to having a baby in the house. He is very loved by his family and his mom and dad consider Leo to be a huge blessing. 

So how does such a happy ending fit into an account of abortion pill reversal? 

Amy credits irrational fear and selfishness with pushing her toward considering abortion. 

“My first reaction to the pregnancy was thinking I didn’t want to have another kid,” Amy, 38, stated. “I told myself I didn’t want to take away from my two sons. I had built up anxiety, and on an impulse, I decided to get an abortion.”

Leo’s dad Tom accompanied Amy to Planned Parenthood (PP). He intended to support her through her decision. When they arrived, pro-life protesters were in front of the building and the abortion staff escorted them in, shielding them from the protest using umbrellas for covering.

“I took the first pill of two for an abortion to take place,” Amy recalled. “As soon as I got into my car, I had immediate regrets and guilt about my decision to abort.”

“So, I googled what can you do if you regret the decision of an abortion and the website for abortion pill reversal came up,” she said. “I was shocked to see such a thing could be done – such as still being able to have a healthy baby.”

“When I really took the time to think about it, I realized I had thought about everyone and everything else except this child and doing things God’s way,” said Amy. “God will always find a way to provide. Selfishness and ignorance were what led me.”

At home Amy found the abortion pill reversal hotline, with consultants who took her contact information while they researched the closest Abortion Pill Rescue Network (APRN) provider. She was amazed that on a Saturday morning they would find a doctor willing to help her immediately.

“A prescription was waiting for me to pick up at my local Walgreens,” Amy said. 

 “I continued taking the prescription until later on in the pregnancy when my OB/GYN told me it was no longer necessary,” she continued. “I had a completely normal pregnancy, was able to work throughout, although COVID ended up sending me home.”

Chemical abortion, sometimes referred to as medical abortion or RU-486, also known as mifepristone or the brand name Mifeprex, is a two-pill process. The first pill stops the mother’s womb from building up progesterone, the necessary hormone for a pregnancy to thrive. The second pill, misoprostol is taken one to two days later and causes the uterus to contract and the mother to deliver her deceased child.

Abortion pill reversal is the application of a treatment used since the 1950’s to stop miscarriages, consisting of prescribing extra progesterone to counteract the first abortion pill. 

While reversals have been successful in the first 72 hours, results are best in the first 24 hours. For women who take the first abortion pill and experience regret, consultants stand ready to assist 24/7 through the APRN hotline, managed by Heartbeat International.

“I became excited and hopeful and knew in my heart this is what I now need to do,” said Amy. “I called and had an immediate response and I started taking the reversal pill within the hour. I now am a proud and happy mother of a healthy baby boy.”

 “When I felt immediate regret from taking the first abortion pill at the PP clinic, there was no indication from them that it could be reversed,” Amy stated. “I didn’t think they would help me in any way. In my spirit I felt it was an evil clinic.” 

“The people at Planned Parenthood offered zero support,” said Tom. “Thank God, Amy went home, and she was determined to figure out how to reverse it.”

He is grateful that she did, and that the reversal was successful. 

“The stuff we were afraid of was all in our heads,” Tom said of the fear leading toward abortion. “Just stuff we conjured up.” 

“In my heart I knew I would always feel guilty seeing other children and it became so clear there was really no reason to not have the baby,” added Amy. 

“I lost my mom in February,” she said. “Having Leo has turned into a huge blessing. Even COVID was a time of blessing because I got paid to stay home and bond with my baby.” 

Both Tom, 44, and Amy marvel at the blessings and how their family and finances have not suffered. Indeed, they report that all the fears they had before making the decision were based on lies. 

“You tell yourself a whole bunch of negative things,” stated Amy.

“I feel like this needs to get out,” she said of Abortion Pill Rescue® awareness. “It (abortion) is the biggest killer in the U.S. People don’t know there is another option. Our son is here now because of people like ya’ll.”

“Love you guys, you are awesome,” Tom added regarding Heartbeat’s APRN team. “Leo thanks you too. Thank you so much.” 

 “The truth is there is always help out there. Pregnancy help centers will help you get started with so many resources,” said Amy. “God is there for you. God is not going to let you fail.”

Like many abortion pill reversal clients, Tom and Amy expressed that they want to help others. They are focused on being good parents and helping their family be happy and grow spiritually – which will enable them to contribute greatly to society. 

Tom summed up one of the biggest lessons gleaned from saving his son from abortion: “Our biggest fears turn out to be our biggest blessings.”  

Editor’s note: Heartbeat International manages the Abortion Pill Rescue Network and Pregnancy Help News where this appeared. Reposted with permission.