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Canadian Election 2021: Pro-choice from all parties

by | Sep 7, 2021

By We Need a Law

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Photo: Women Deliver

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s extreme pro-abortion stance is well documented. As we draw closer to the 2021 election, however, it’s worth taking a moment to discuss where his main opponent, Erin O’Toole, stands on the issue. 

When asked about abortion, O’Toole has a standard line stating that he is pro-choice. But this does not satisfy abortion supporters, who push the issue further and further. MP [Member of Parliament] Maryam Monsef came straight out and suggested that O’Toole “pretended to be pro-choice.” This is because pro-choice in her understanding means defending only one choice: abortion.

This comes out in how both leaders treat the province of New Brunswick, which does not fund abortions performed at a private clinic. Both Prime Minister Trudeau and Conservative leader O’Toole are pro-choice, having no issues with the abortions performed at this private clinic. However, Trudeau wants to see more abortions being publicly funded while O’Toole suggests that New Brunswickers already have access to all the abortions they need.

When it comes to conscience rights, O’Toole campaigned for the leadership position promising to recognize conscience rights for physicians. Again, this would seem to be the real pro-choice position. It would support both women choosing abortions and physicians who choose not to perform abortions. 

Erin O’Toole

But for the pro-abortion crowd this is unacceptable as they believe everyone needs to support one choice: abortion. O’Toole buckled under the pressure and “clarified” his position, promising that he would still require effective referrals. That is, while a doctor might not have to perform the abortion herself, she would have to refer her patient to another doctor who would.

It’s been over thirty years since Canada’s abortion law was struck down. That means abortion is legal at any gestational age and for any reason. There are many abortion-limiting policies that all but the most extreme pro-abortion advocates would support, like banning sex selective abortions and late term abortions. 

Unfortunately, the dialogue from the leaders of the parties is focusing on that extreme pro-abortion side, assuming that all who identify as pro-choice are ultimately only pro-abortion, in all cases. Neither Prime Minister Trudeau nor Mr. O’Toole has ventured into the world of nuance, where most Canadians actually live.

We don’t have a pro-life party in Parliament, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have pro-life candidates in your riding. There are still pro-life MPs doing amazing work for pre-born children, as we saw with MP Cathay Wagantall introducing the Sex Selective Abortion Act and the 82 MPs that voted in favour of it. Reach out to your local candidates, ask them the questions about where they stand when it comes to real choice, and make an informed choice on election day.

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