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Michigan Gov. Whitmer Promises to Veto Prolife Budget Items

by | Sep 29, 2021

Lansing, MI — News outlets reported that Gov. Whitmer will be vetoing each prolife provision from the 2022 state budget.

The vetoed funding included $16 million for prolife initiatives including money for pregnancy centers, adoption advertising, and on-campus assistance for pregnant and parenting students.

Prolife Michiganders strive to help mothers in need with more than 150 pregnancy help centers and adoption agencies around the state and these funds would have been crucial to continuing to help children and women,

In response, Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said:

“We are very disappointed that Gov. Whitmer does not see the value of funding these life-affirming programs. Gov.Whitmer has supported pregnancy help programs for students as a state representative, but now, as governor, rejects these efforts to aid mothers in carrying their children to term and getting the help that they deserve.

“Among the funds that were vetoed, advertising for infant adoption was one that speaks to her strong conviction that she would rather have an abortion performed than an adoption completed. The gap between the number of adoptions and abortions is already large, and with the actions of Gov.Whitmer, that gap will continue to grow.

“This is just one more in the long series of actions by Gov. Whitmer that shows her extreme pro-abortion stance. We are not surprised by her actions to deprive women of pregnancy help. Gov. Whitmer’s approach to dealing with women facing crisis pregnancies is abortion first, actual help second.”

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