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Texas law provides new opportunity to open eyes

by | Sep 10, 2021

By Carol Tobias, President, National Right to Life

What a victory in Texas! We don’t know how long the new law will be in effect, but babies are being saved by SB8!
The abortion industry is shaken, and extremely angry, because they can’t kill babies. The Biden-Harris administration, threatening to use the full force of the Department of Justice, is determined to stop this life-saving measure, acting as the abortion industry’s private law firm.

Along with saving babies, we have seen this law, and the new environment surrounding it, bring out the worst and the best in society.

Richard Hanania, president of a group called The Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology, tweeted, “You can’t screen for Down syndrome before about 10 weeks, and something like 80% of Down syndrome fetuses are aborted. If red states ban abortion, we could see a world where they have five times as many children with Down syndrome, and similar numbers for other disabilities.”

When challenged, he claimed that he didn’t say having more people with Down syndrome was bad—but that those challenging him were jumping to conclusions. I think an honest assessment would say that he bemoans a world where more babies with Down syndrome and “other disabilities” are allowed to be born, if similar laws are enacted elsewhere.
Awfully harsh, and that came out on the first day the law went into effect.

Whoopi Goldberg, pro-abortion actress and co-host of “The View,” defended her right as a Christian parent to make decisions for her kids, which implies she gets to decide if or when she has grandchildren.

Many in the media are lamenting how this will impact low-income women and women of color. Meaning exactly what? That not enough babies of low-income women or women of color are killed? What a strange way to show compassion.
In response to the decision of the Supreme Court not to put SB8 on hold, there are renewed calls for the Biden-Harris administration to lead the charge to expand the number of justices on the Supreme Court; for the Senate to eliminate the filibuster; and for the Senate to pass radical pro-abortion legislation such as the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act.

There were also some unusually nutty comments, saying we only want to “control women.” Naturally, comparing pro-lifers to the Taliban was mandatory.

On the other hand, pro-life people have responded as you and I would expect–with logic and love.
In our current culture, we often hear, “follow the science.” We agree. Pro-lifers continue to share information about the development of unborn children. The science tells us that life begins at conception and that babies, by as early as six weeks, have a heartbeat.

Pro-lifers believe this new opportunity to educate people will open many eyes to the humanity of unborn children. These little ones are not just blobs of tissue until, suddenly at some indeterminate point during pregnancy, they become fully developed human beings.

I have been inspired by those who have shared personal stories and offering to adopt “unwanted” babies.
One woman posted on Twitter:

“If you’re a woman in Texas who is unable to schedule an abortion, hear this: I will take your child. Carry him or her to term and I will happily welcome your baby into my home. They’ll have 5 insane siblings, but I promise it will be better than death. So much better.”

She added, “I also want to make it clear that any woman who gives me her child can decide how involved she wants to be. If it’s too painful and you’d rather not be present, I totally understand. If you want your baby to know you, I will make sure that happens.”

In response, several others offered to do the same.

People who were adopted as children have spoken up, expressing gratitude for being raised in a family that loved them. Parents of adopted children thanked the unknown birth moms for their strength in giving up a child so that a new family could have the joy of raising a child.

Another woman shared her very personal, very raw, story, explaining how she had two children at a young age and faced many difficult circumstances. But this strong woman has gotten through it and ended her story bluntly with “Don’t tell me my life would have been easier if I murdered them.”

When the pregnancy is unexpected, or when the mother is going through tough times, we know that having the baby is not easy. But that doesn’t mean taking the life of an innocent, preborn child is the right thing to do.
I certainly hope and pray that the Texas law stands, and that babies continue to be saved. But even if it is eventually overturned, we will have had a slight peek at how babies can be saved in a post-Roe country would be like.

We can learn from it, and be encouraged by it, knowing that our efforts are bringing us closer to that day when all unborn babies are protected.

I believe—I know– we’re up to the challenge!

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