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The blessing of a special needs child enriches families

by | Sep 16, 2021

By Maria V. Gallagher

Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

        When Rachel Campos-Duffy’s children return home from a break from college, they are most eager to see their little sister, Valentina.

        “She is just pure joy…love!” Campos-Duffy says.

        Valentina happens to have an extra chromosome, and her mother has said that makes her extra cute.

        “She is absolutely the family favorite,” Campos-Duffy says with pride.

        Campos-Duffy, a cable TV news host and author, and her husband, Sean, a former Congressman, have nine children. The one thing the entire family agrees on is what a special person Valentina is in their lives.

        The clan has become passionate defenders of the rights of children with Down syndrome. Campos-Duffy says she knows many families with family members with Down syndrome. “All of these families have only been enriched” by the blessing of a special needs child.

        In an interview with Positively Pro-Life!—a podcast of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation—Campos-Duffy noted that the nation of Iceland, which boasts of a low rate of Down syndrome, “doesn’t have a cure.” Instead, people with Down syndrome have been targeted there in utero by abortion.

        Campos-Duffy decries this fact—along with the “selfie culture” in society that fails to respect human life.

        Campos-Duffy, a champion of women and children, will be the keynote speaker at the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation’s Celebrate Life Banquet September 22nd in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

        While young people face the challenge of living in a “culture that glamorizes ‘me’,” Campos-Duffy sees reason for hope.

        “Ultimately, the only thing that really matters is family,” Campos-Duffy says. 

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