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The pro-abortion response to SB 8 smells of pure panic

by | Sep 7, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

This is one of those hopefully helpful posts that brings together a number of related items to make some important points. 

#1. It would be, and it is, impossible to exaggerate how over the top, Doomsday Clock-esque the reaction has been to the Supreme Court’s unwillingness to stop Texas’ Heartbeat law in its tracks. The justices have not ruled on SB 8, saying only they would not grant the pro-abortionists’ request for injunctive relief to block enforcement. That was enough, as the saying goes, for critics to go ballistic.

Pro-abortion stalwarts President Biden and House Speaker Pelosi have vowed to roll out the tanks, or at least mobile units. Elie Mystal, editor-at-large of the far Left The Nation, says “The Biden administration could actually send mobile abortion units to the Lone Star State to circumvent the new restrictions.” 

“Mobile abortion clinics”? Yup.

The usual suspects, the Abortion Industry, using one of their top go-to outlets, Politico, would have you believe this is a chance to take the infamous advice of Rahm Emanuel: “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

Anita Kumar and Christopher Cadelago write

Texas’ abortion law adds to the growing number of issues Biden is being pushed to prioritize, including reforming police departments, rewriting immigration laws and raising the federal minimum wage. They’re all issues he promised to tackle with speed. 

And it’s raising the pressure on him to support a fundamental restructuring of the other two branches of government, including eliminating the Senate filibuster and expanding the Supreme Court. [Underlining added.]

#2. The advice (freely given) is that the more outlandish and disruptive the proposal—and eliminating the Senate filibuster and expanding the Supreme Court surely qualify—the better off Democrats, in general, President Biden, in particular, will be. Why? Because, they say, it would allow Democrats to enact an agenda that, while out of step with public opinion, would afford them considerable gains longer term. Which overlaps with what they see as a rescue proposal for a floundering President Biden.

#3. President Biden’s approval ratings are dropping like a rock for all the reasons we need not rehearse here. Biden’s average approval rating (as compiled by Real Clear Politics of seven polls taken over the last week) is a dismal 45.7%. A Suffolk University Poll taken for USA Today had Biden at 41%  approval versus 55% disapproval.

“The mood of the nation is dark,” writes Liz Peek.“You can see it in the University of Michigan consumer confidence index, which plunged to 70.3 in August, down 11.0 points from July. That’s down to levels not seen since the Great Recession.”    

It gets worse.

“One-fifth of Joe Biden’s voters regret voting for the president, according to a Zogby Analytics poll conducted in early August,” Rebecca Downs. Paul Bedard highlighted the poll in his Washington Secrets column for The Washington Examiner. Worse for Biden is that ‘many more voters might be expressing regret if Biden and company do not score a victory soon,’ according to pollster Jonathan Zogby. Seventy-six percent did not regret their vote, and 4 percent were unsure.”

That, of course does not dissuade them in the slightest. Just the opposite. They double down and double down again. 

The pro-abortion, ultra-Left answer is a classic example of Einstein’s definition of insanity: “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  Send in mobile abortion units, unilaterally expand the number of Supreme Court justices, end the filibuster, pass federal legislation that will lower the hammer on state legislatures that enact pro-life laws—for starters.

Proponents would have you believe such extremism is a sign of strength and vigor. To anyone else, it smells of panic—raw, unadulterated panic.

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