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Why abortion is qualitatively and quantitative different than all other issues eloquently explained

by | Sep 16, 2021

 By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. Although geared to the 2020 elections, this post is an absolutely timeless explanation of why abortion is different than all other issues.

A big thank you to the experts at National Right to Life whose contributions toDebunking the recycled myth that the election of pro-abortion Democrat Presidents saves unborn lives” makes it an absolute must read. Please read it again and be sure to pass this terrific post along to your family and friends.

NRLC will continue to post on the oft-demolished but still lingering myth that abortions go down during pro-abortion Democrat administrations because of what the Bill Clintons and Barack Obamas do. In fact, as we’ve discussed countless times (including Thursday), the numbers go down despite the best efforts of pro-abortion administrations.

We’ll also highlight—as I am about to now—the contributions of other pro-life outlets. Michael Warsaw is the publisher of the National Catholic Register. His post, which appeared today, is headlined, “Why Abortion Is Different From Other Issues: There are many issues that Catholics should be concerned about, but that does not mean that some issues are not more pressing than other ones.”

Please read Mr. Warsaw’s analysis in its entirety. Here are some highlights.

First and foremost (from my point of view), “In the United States in 2020, moral equivalence when it comes to abortion just does not hold up.” Abortion is different. 

*Quantitatively. “[T]he Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed the leading cause of death in the United States as heart disease, at 647,457 deaths. More than 200,000 more American lives were lost to abortion that year, and it is completely preventable.”  

* Qualitatively. “It is qualitatively different from other issues because abortion results in the death of the innocent,” Mr. Warsaw writes. “Blameless children are wiped out just for being conceived. Abortion denies our inherent, God-given dignity as human beings, and it brings violence and death into the family.” 

In this vein, he makes a hugely important distinction. No one questions that there are other important issues. That is a false dichotomy. But as referenced above, the loss of life due to abortion is orders of magnitude greater. Moreover “do any of these other issues make parents complicit in the deaths of their own children”?

We so often just zip right by this without a second glance. These children—who are our responsibility for creating and protecting—are made dead by their own parents. Like an acid, abortion dissolves the most important bond in all of human culture–that between mother and child, born and unborn.

As Warsaw writes, “The unborn are uniquely vulnerable.”

Finally—and this will drive Biden supporters crazy—Warsaw views abortion through the lens of 20th Century and the wholesale slaughter of other helpless populations. “Would that not have been the preeminent moral issue confronting those nations?”

 Then he asks, 

How would we react if nearly 1 million “born” lives were being legally taken each year in a violent fashion? Would it then become a moral priority for those who wish to downplay the issue of abortion? 

Perhaps a large segment of the population can look the other way here because the unborn are so small and so invisible. They remain out of our sight.

There could be no better conclusion to “Why Abortion Is Different From Other Issues than this call for moral sanity

But there is something deeply wrong with us as a society — and with our reasoning — if we do not make preeminent the full protection of the unborn — as human beings — under the law.