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Brian Williams Blames Biden Poll Plunge on ‘Really Crappy Reporting’

by | Oct 12, 2021

By P.J. Gladnick

Serial fantasist Brian Williams believes he has found the reason for Joe Biden’s recent poll plunge. On his Wednesday 11th Hour show, Williams suggested that the reason was due to “really crappy reporting” by the news media. And why was this reporting so “crappy?” Because, according to Williams, the news media hasn’t been even more biased in favor of Biden. I kid you not.

How much should Biden, then the people around him, be worried about these polling numbers and here`s a free shot. How much of it is the result of really crappy reporting by mainstream news media using kind of false equivalence standards that stopped in 1978, and is as if Donald Trump was never president.

Not biased enough because too much of the media still clings a bit to trying to appear neutral in its reporting or what Brian calls “false equivalence standards.”

His guest, Tim Miller of the Bulwark, appeared a bit embarrassed by Williams assertion of not enough media bias and came a bit closer to the truth of why Biden has tumbled in the polls recently.

As far as Biden’s approval numbers, look, I think that some of this stuff is out of his hands. And some of it’s in his hands. I think the comeback of the Delta virus is a big reason why we’re seeing the disapproved numbers go up. Obviously, you can point to red state governors really more than Biden in that but he’s taking the brunt of the pain. I think that happens when you’re the president.

I also think this Quinnipiac poll in particular might be a bit of an outlier. So I think everybody you know, in the Democratic Party should take a deep breath before, you know, fully hyperventilating over it. I think your point about, you know, the media feeling like they need to kind of play both sides of this and give Biden the same treatment they gave Trump plays into this.

But I think that the administration would be remiss to just assume it`s all of those factors that are out of their hands. They’re — They’ve fumbled the ball on some things that are in their hand. You know, they had an infrastructure bill that was on the one yard line that they decided not to punch in. Now they’ve had this intro party fighting. I think Biden shown patience, it is very possible that both these bills will pass nobody will remember this next November and then I’ll be fine and dandy.

But they got to make sure that actually happens. And they also problem on the border I think that they’ve stepped in as well. So, you know, he’s got a lot to deal with some of it. I think has been unfair, but some of the things they need to remedy.

What neither of them mentioned along with much of the mainstream media, perhaps hoping that their audiences would forget, was the recent Afghanistan withdrawal debacle.

Oh, and wasn’t “really crappy” lying the reason why Brian Williams remains in MSNBC exile?

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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