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Ground-breaking news! Abortion Survivors file brief with SCOTUS in Texas case

by | Oct 28, 2021

By Melissa Ohden

With the help of the Justice Foundation, for the first time in nearly 49 years of legalized abortion, abortion survivors have filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court as the justices prepare to take up the Texas Heartbeat Bill on November 1.

The amicus brief, filed jointly with Created Equal and The Justice Foundation, humanizes and highlights the importance of the Texas Heartbeat bill as evidenced through our experiences of surviving abortion procedures and through the long-term physical, emotional, and mental impact these abortion attempts have on us. 

Look for media coverage to break today about this historic amicus brief. 

You’ll be hearing more in the weeks ahead about groundbreaking projects abortion survivors in our network who have found healing, been empowered with relationships,  and equipped with education and skill development. Their unique experiences are an important voice not only in the Texas’ Heartbeat Law, but also in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case that the Court will hear oral arguments on December 1st.

We—you—us at The Abortion Survivors Network—we’re here in this moment of time to be a part of long overdue justice and change in the U.S. We know that eyes of the world are on our nation. We eagerly look forward to the High Court’s acknowledging the preborn child’s humanity and need for protect, prompting a worldwide recognition. 

Here at The Abortion Survivors Network, our work is at a fever pitch. As we close up a very busy Respect Life month for so many of our organizations, we know that our work must continue on.  

The more we speak out with our stories, the more we are in the media, the more we submit testimonies on legislation and submit briefs like this, the more survivors and families discover they aren’t alone in experiencing a “failed abortion”—that there is hope, help, community, and a platform their voices can be heard from.

We need to double down in our efforts to save and transform lives every day and serve those who have been hurt by abortion.

Abortion survivors and families who have survived an attempted abortions have been long underserved and unrecognized. But now we are grateful to have been called to fill this gap in the pro-life movement. It’s our honor to serve alongside with you.

Thank you for all you’ve done to help us reach 403 abortion survivors from 18 different countries. 

As we celebrate connecting with this milestone number, we also know we have much more to do. We have tens of thousands more to reach and serve. And as we reach and serve them, we change our culture and make abortion unthinkable

Please pray for the abortion survivors who recently joined our fall healing and speakers training groups. 

Pray, too, that the national education campaigns we’ve been involved with, which you’ll be seeing soon, are effective in humanizing the unborn. 

Pray for the Supreme Court to be impacted by this historic amicus brief and for them to see that not only abortion survivors deserved to be protected by the law, but also all preborn children as well.

Together for life,

Melissa and the team at The Abortion Survivors Network

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