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Injunction Hearing Concludes in Biden Lawsuit over Texas Heartbeat Act

by | Oct 5, 2021

By Kim Schwartz  

The first hearing concluded Friday afternoon in the Biden administration’s lawsuit attacking the Texas Heartbeat Act. 

Judge Robert Pitman, an Obama nominee, presides over United States v. State of Texas. He has not indicated when he will rule.

The Department of Justice urged the court to enjoin Texas state officials and all private parties, meaning every citizen, from enforcing the law. Proving this historic attack on Texas is entirely unprecedented.

The Justice Department further argued that the Texas Heartbeat Act would jeopardize federal bureaucracies, such as the immigration and prison agencies, when they offer medical services to women in their custody. However, the State of Texas showed video evidence of federal agents admitting that they already follow current Pro-Life laws and are not obligated to change their daily activities or legally required duties because of the new statute.

Attorneys also stated that the threat of any litigation would cause irreparable harm to the abortion industry, but thus far, the abortion industry has overwhelmingly been the agitator, not the recipient, of frivolous lawsuits regarding the Texas Heartbeat Act, given that pro-abortion groups and advocates have sued Texas Right to Life 14 times.

 “Ultimately, the Justice Department is asking the court to toss out all logic and judicial precedent in order to cater to the abortion industry.” Texas Right to Life Director of Media and Communication Kimberlyn Schwartz said. “The Biden administration’s case is desperate and farfetched, and we expect an impartial court to declare the lawsuit without merit.”

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