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New Pro-Abortion Ads Prove Beyond a doubt Terry McAuliffe Wants to be Virginia’s Abortion Governor

by | Oct 19, 2021

By Olivia Gans Turner

Have you seen them? Those dreadful pro-abortion commercials supporting Terry McAuliffe and other Democratic candidates for various offices, including Lt. Governor and Attorney General? Well, the latest one tells us something very important about Terry’s plans for Virginia. It also tells us something vitally important about Glenn Youngkin.

The ad shows how Glenn responded to the question in the last debate from MSNBC moderator Chuck Todd about adding a “Right to Abortion” amendment to Virginia’s Constitution. Glenn Youngkin states clearly and precisely that he would not support something like that. It is a powerful statement and an important one, since for months now, Terry McAuliffe has made it very clear that he wants to see a “Right to Abortion” added to our state constitution!

A “Right to Abortion” amendment would immediately nullify the few remaining pro-life laws on the books in Virginia, including the Parental Consent law that involves parents before before a minor girl can get an abortion, and the Virginia Partial-Birth Abortion ban. It would also mean we would never be able to pass another protective pro-life law here–and Terry knows that!

Pro-abortion Attorney General Mark Herring is also running deceptive ads against challenger Jason Miyares voted against health care for women. The ad doesn’t tell you that what Del. Miyares voted against was the removal of Virginia’s “Women’s Right to Know” informed consent laws! He voted to protect women and their babies from the lies and manipulation of abortionists.

Pro-abortion Attorney General Mark Herring has used his position to spend taxpayer dollars over and over to oppose Pro-life laws passed in Virginia and nationally. He has no problem dragging Virginia into legal battles to defend the abortion lobby’s agenda in order to override the will of the people through our elected representatives.

Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Hala Ayala is no better! Her ads are hiding her longtime relationship with pro-abortion organizations, including the National Organization for Women (NOW), Planned Parenthood, and NARAL Virginia.

During her time in the General Assembly, she has supported and voted for every pro-abortion bill that has been introduced there in the last two years. She is a proud advocate for the abortion lobby in the House of Delegates and would be the same if she were Lt. Governor. The Virginia Senate is currently split down the middle on pro-life matters and the Lt. Governor will break those tie votes.

A recent quote on Hala’s website spells out her goals: “The Supreme Court’s shameful refusal to step in on behalf of Roe v. Wade, the law of the land, is further proof that protecting the right to choose will come down to our state legislatures. Here in Virginia, the state Senate is at a 20-20 tie on the issue of choice, meaning the next Lieutenant Governor will be the last line of defense for Virginians’ reproductive rights. As Lieutenant Governor, I will always protect our fundamental rights, which includes the right to make decisions about our own bodies.”

In comparison, Winsome Sears, Hala Ayala’s opponent, has a long history as a delegate and public person of standing up for every human life, and will bring her pro-life ethics to the job of Lt. Governor. She has been outspoken about her pro-life values. 

From an interview in The Hill on Sept. 4th: “Here’s the thing,” Sears said. “When did it become the wrong thing for us to support the babies in the womb? And in fact, in Virginia, we’ve even gone further than that, where our current governor wanted to take us — and, by the way, my opponent wanted to take us — there, where the baby would be born, you would leave the baby on the table without any assistance or even keep it comfortable, and then wait for the mother to decide.”

I know it can become easy to get tired of election cycles ads, mailers, and phone calls, but we can’t get bored or tired. Terry McAuliffe, Hala Ayala, and Mark Herring aren’t tired of trying to scare Virginians or painting our pro-life candidates, Glenn Youngkin, Winsome Sears, and Jason Miyares, as dangerous for Virginia because they want to protect unborn children and their mothers from abortion promoters like Planned Parenthood, But pro-life voters won’t be fooled, and we are going to do everything possible to elect pro-life people this Fall.

There is so much on the line this year. The entire country is watching our state races closely too. We are aware that the race for Governor is very, very close! The other statewide races are growing closer too. 

The races for all the House of Delegates seats are becoming tighter every day all over Virginia as the radical agenda of the pro-abortion candidates becomes clearer to the voters. Some are even being attacked with more pro-abortion ads! VSHL is doing all we can to help educate the public and we will not stop until the elections are over on November 2nd.

Remember, Terry McAuliffe wants to be Virginia’s abortion governor. Will you help stop him?  

Thank you for voting pro-life.

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