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Oklahoma County District Judge allows three laws regulating chemical abortion, blocks others banning early abortion

by | Oct 5, 2021

By Dave Andrusko 

Oklahoma County District Judge Cindy Truong yesterday refused to block enforcement of a new law that requires abortionists to be board certified in obstetrics and gynecology. “This court … believes that irreparable harm would occur if we don’t put this requirement into effect,” Judge Truong said from the bench, referring to House Bill 1904.

Judge Truong also upheld Senate Bill 778 and Senate Bill 779.  SB 778 and SB 779 will codify in Oklahoma law safety regulations that had previously been, but are no longer, required by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The bills will implement a wide range of regulations, restrictions, and requirements that will provide essential protections, oversight, and safeguards involving chemical abortions. Oklahoma is the first state to provide such comprehensive oversight of this dangerous abortion method.

On the other hand, Truong at least temporarily blocked HB1102 and HB 2441. The former declared that an abortionist who performs an abortion not necessary to save a mother’s life or “prevent substantial or irreversible impairment” is engaging in “unprofessional conduct” and faces a suspension of their medical license for at least one year. The latter, HB 2441, bans abortions procedure after there is a “detectable fetal heartbeat.”

Reporting for The Oklahoman, Nolan Clay wrote

An attorney for the state stipulated during the hearing both those bans likely would be unconstitutional if federal law was applied.  

Planned Parenthood of Arkansas & Eastern Oklahoma, the Tulsa Women’s Reproductive Clinic, and three other plaintiffs sued the state of Oklahoma to prevent the five laws from going into effect on November 1, Clay reported. “We will certainly be appealing the decision,” said Rabia Muqaddam, an attorney for the Center for Reproductive Rights

Tony Lauinger Vice President of National Right to Life and State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life

“Chemical abortions are more profitable and more efficient for the abortionist than surgical abortions, especially when the abortionist doesn’t even examine the patient,” said Tony Lauinger, chairman of Oklahomans For Life. “An ever-increasing percentage of first-trimester abortions are now chemical rather than surgical, even though chemical abortions have higher complication rates than surgical abortions. Chemical abortions now account for approximately half of all abortions in Oklahoma.”

Lauinger added, “Our sincere thanks go to Senator Julie Daniels and Representative Mark Lepak for leading the effort to enact this vital legislation. We thank also the other pro-life legislators in Leadership, on committees, and in the full Senate and House who supported these critically important bills. And we thank Governor Kevin Stitt for his unwavering support for the right to life and for signing these bills into law.”

Lauinger concluded, “Finally, we thank all of you who contacted legislators and urged, persuaded, and encouraged them to vote pro-life. Your faithful and positive support for the right to life provides inspiration and reinforcement for legislators and ultimately leads to pro-life bills becoming law. Thank you! “

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