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Pro-abortion New York Times columnist warns Virginia Democrats that race is closer than anyone could have imagined—dead even!

by | Oct 27, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

When Michelle Cottle of the New York Times cites chapter and verse all the reasons pro-life Glenn Youngkin is neck and neck with pro-abortion Terry McAuliffe, clearly it time to pay attention. Ms. Cottle is not only “a member of the editorial board,” she is as fervently Democrat and pro-abortion as it is possible to be. 

The headline says it all: “Why the Virginia Election Is Freaking Democrats Out.”

Not that there aren’t reasons to be “freaking out.” Cottle writes  After all, “This election is seen as a harbinger of next year’s midterms.” 

With control of Congress at stake, obviously mobilizing your base of supporter is crucial.  And Democrats are “confronting multiple warning signs that its voters are not all that fired up about the Virginia race — or about politics in general,” she warns.

The Monmouth poll found Virginia Republicans more motivated and more enthusiastic than Democrats about this election, gaps that have widened in recent months.

In September Lake Research and Emerson College Polling found that just over a third (35%) of voters “18 to 29 years old said they were very motivated to vote next year, and just 28 percent said they were certain to vote,” Cottle fretted. 

“This engagement gap could be a major concern for Democrats,” the group noted, pointing to research from Tufts University showing the importance of young voters to Joe Biden’s candidacy in multiple swing states last year.

So, why write this?  Why would a partisan Democrat be issuing this warning? To tell Democrats not to get “comfy.” Not to get “complacent.” Not to “lose their sense of urgency.” Keep the pedal to the metal and they will carry the day. 

Her confidence is misplaced. Cottle, like all pro-abortion militants, just assume that famous “arc of history” is bending in their direction: more and more abortion, paid for by your tax dollars. Who better to carry the torch for “abortion right” than Terry McAuliffe, right?

But the arc of history can never bend in the direction of injustice. Dr. King was absolutely right: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” 

And that means justice for all, including most especially the littlest Americans.

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