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Reflections on the 45th Anniversary of the Hyde Amendment: Why would anyone want 2.4 million more dead babies?

by | Oct 4, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

With multiple cases pending before the Supreme Court and with radical initiatives such as the so-called Women Health Protection Act having passed the House of Representatives, it is easy to forget that September 30 marked the 45th anniversary of the passage of the life-saving Hyde Amendment,

While easy to forget in the splashier heat of other items, it is imperative that the greatest domestic abortion-reduction measure ever enacted by Congress receive its due recognition and rightful protection.

Consider why pro-abortion are adamant that 300,000 babies lose their lives—the number of babies lost each year prior to Hyde’s passage.  For one thing, where government funding for abortion is not available under Medicaid (or the state’s equivalent program], at least one-fourth of Medicaid-eligible women who would otherwise, procure federally-funded abortions will carry their babies to term.

Indeed, some abortion advocacy groups have claimed that the abortion-reduction effect is substantially greater– one-in-three, or even 50%.

What makes them nervous is that the public overwhelmingly supports the Hyde Amendment.  A recent McLaughlin poll showed that 64.6% oppose tax funding of abortion. Among that figure was a whopping 49% of Democrats and 69% of Independents.

So, if the public has strongly supported the Hyde Amendment since 1976, why is the abortion lobby attempting to gut this legislation? 

Why does the sun rise in the east? Why does Planned Parenthood never miss a chance to take the life of an unborn baby?

It’s who they are, it’s what they do.

Don’t let them win. 

It is critical to continue to contact your members of Congress to urge them to retain Hyde and other provisions that prevent tax-payer funded abortion. Our action alert is available here.

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