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Wisconsin State Senate Passes Package of Pro-Life Bills

by | Oct 21, 2021

Wednesday afternoon the Wisconsin state Senate passed three pro-life bills: A Woman’s Right to Know Act (SB591), the Prenatal Diagnosis Information Act (SB592), and the Shield the Vulnerable Act (SB593). The Wisconsin State Assembly is scheduled to vote on these bills next week.

“The passage of these bills though the State Senate is a victory for the pro-life movement,” said Gracie Skogman, legislative director of Wisconsin Right to Life.

Skogman continued, “These bills would increase transparency surrounding the chemical abortion process and equip women with potentially life-saving knowledge. They also affirm the value of all unborn children, regardless of disability, race, and gender. Finally, they would ensure that expectant mothers are given vital medical information and support when faced with an unborn child diagnosed with a congenital condition.”

She continued, “Wisconsin Right to Life thanks the members of the Senate who supported these bills, and we look forward to the continuing education that will accompany these efforts.”

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