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With race for Virginia in a dead heat, is pro-abortion McAuliffe feeling the heat? You bet!

by | Oct 25, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

It is one thing for pro-abortion Terry McAuliffe to blow off a non-partisan television reporter. After all, there was a chance—and it proved to be true—that would ask tough but fair questions. Sure enough when the anchor, Nick Minoc for WJLA began to probe some of McAuliffe’s more controversial statement, he cut the twenty minute interview off at midpoint. (His opponent in the race to be the next governor of Virginia, pro-life Glenn Youngkin, answered all the questions.) McAuliffe said Minoc “should have asked better questions.”

But it quite another thing to short-circuit a highly sympathetic media outlet. “His staff told Axios a planned 20-minute interview — which they had requested following the Axios interview with Youngkin — was being limited to five minutes,” according to Axios’ Sarah Mucha. They, too, began with questions McAuliffe didn’t like…so he left!

The latest two polls showed Youngkin and McAuliffe in an absolute dead-heat. The election is next Tuesday. Is McAuliffe feeling the heat?

You bet he is!

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