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Adoption: the loving option

by | Nov 19, 2021

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

It was a photo that had been a lifetime in the making.

It appeared, as many momentous events do nowadays, on my Facebook feed.

The photo depicted my handsome cousin with a long-lost relative—his own sister.

You see, my cousin had been adopted by one of my beloved aunts and her husband. Through the miracle of modern communication, my cousin was united recently with his birth family. The reunion which I viewed in cyberspace brought tears to my eyes.

November is National Adoption Month—a good time to reflect on how adoption has grown my extended family. I cannot imagine life without my adopted relatives. They were an integral part of my childhood, and I am so grateful to have had them in my life.

I salute the courageous woman who gave birth to my cousin and who placed him for adoption. Hers was a selfless gift that she shared with my family, and I am eternally thankful.

I also celebrate the memory of my cousin’s adoptive mother—a woman of great humor and fun, who loved her children and grandchildren with a fierce and abiding love.

What a loving option adoption is—a choice that is too often ignored in our society. Adoption builds hope and spreads love and brings out the better angels of ourselves. It is an act of profound kindness that creates families of the heart.

In this month dedicated to adoption, let us salute birth mothers and adoptive mothers, birth fathers and adoptive fathers, and all those who work to ensure a loving home for the children in our midst. Adoption is part of the civilization of love that is built one heart, one family at a time, and we are better as a nation as a result.

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