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“Eternally grateful” mum gives birth to “beautiful” baby boy after abortion reversal

by | Nov 3, 2021

By SPUC—the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

Judith is delighted that she decided to reverse her abortion after taking the first of two pills used for a chemical abortion.

Seeking help, she reached out for pro-life help and found exactly what she needed: support, encouragement and hope.

Her child was saved.

“I look at my baby and say, ‘Wow, to think I was going to end his life, but thankfully I didn’t and was given a second chance’”, Judith has reflected.

“I am so glad and eternally grateful… because it saved my baby’s life and mine. So, if you’re contemplating whether you should continue the process of abortion, don’t. Seek help.”

Medical/chemical abortion employs two drugs to end the life of an unborn baby in the mother’s womb. The first drug, Mifepristone, blocks progesterone, the hormone in a woman’s body needed to support a pregnancy.

The second drug, Misoprostol, is taken a day or so later and causes the woman to have contractions and deliver the remains of the unborn baby.

It is possible to reverse the effects of the first abortion pill by prescribing progesterone to counteract the effects of Mifepristone.

On the reversal process, Judith said: “Although it was a 69 per cent chance it would work, I had faith it would. And it did.

“My son was born October 11th, 2021. He was born healthy and beautiful.”

A SPUC spokesperson said

“SPUC is delighted for this brave mother and her son. Women may change their minds about proceeding with an abortion, even after the first drug, Mifepristone, has been taken.

“It is estimated that, to date, the use of progesterone has saved the lives of over 2,000 babies.”