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Planned Parenthood flops in effort to elect pro-abortion candidates state wide in state courts in Pennsylvania

by | Nov 3, 2021

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative/PAC Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The political arm of Planned Parenthood appears to have failed miserably in its efforts to elect pro-abortion judges to Pennsylvania’s state courts.

As of this writing, the entire slate of statewide court candidates endorsed by Planned Parenthood were losing. This, despite Planned Parenthood’s massive public relations blitz to propel their candidates to office.

In sharp contrast, each of the court candidates recommended by the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Political Action Committee appears to be leading in their respective races. If those results hold out, Kevin Brobson will sit on the state Supreme Court; Megan Sullivan will secure a seat on the Superior Court; Stacy Wallace will win a seat on the Commonwealth Court; and Drew Crompton will continue to serve on the Commonwealth Court.

Pro-abortion forces had advertised the statewide court races as a preview of coming attractions in 2022. Next year, Pennsylvania will be electing a new Governor and a new U.S. Senator, in addition to Congressional representatives, representatives in the 203-seat PA House, and half of the PA state Senate.

Pennsylvania is considered a “purple” state which swings red or blue depending on the election.

Tuesday’s election results may also put to bed the myth that pro-life Republicans can no longer win statewide contests in Pennsylvania. With brilliant campaign strategies and plenty of old-fashioned hard work, statewide victories can and will be achieved.

The election results also demonstrate the fact that Pennsylvania voters are independent-minded thinkers who do not fall lock-step behind Planned Parenthood’s pro-abortion ideology. No amount of slick advertising or clever texts and emails can disguise the fact that Planned Parenthood stands for the taking of innocent, unrepeatable human lives and the devastation of the mothers who grieve them.

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