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Pro-abortion book misleads teens about first trimester surgical abortion

by | Nov 10, 2021

By Sarah Terzo

The book, “My Body My Choice: The Fight for Abortion Rights,” is a pro-abortion book for teens. However, the book approaches the topic while leaving out the full truth of the abortion’s destruction of a human being. For example, here’s what it says about a first-trimester suction abortion:

The most common type of surgical abortion occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy and is known as suction abortion, or vacuum aspiration. In this procedure, the patient’s cervix is dilated, and a thin straw called a cannula is inserted.

The cannula is attached to a tube, and gentle suction is used to empty the contents of the uterus (or womb). The whole procedure takes less than five minutes.

The book makes these abortions sound harmless and trivial, just the “gentle” removal of the “contents of the uterus.” But that isn’t reality.

Suction abortions are committed between five and 13 weeks of pregnancy. A typical abortion of this type is done on an eight-week-old preborn baby. At that stage, the baby has had a beating heart since 22 days after fertilization. He or she has a brain that is producing brain waves. She responds to touch. She experiences hiccups. She is already right or left-handed. If she is female, she has ovaries of her own. She is a unique individual who has never existed before in all of history and will never exist again.

Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino describes a suction aspiration abortion in the video below:

Jewels Green worked in an abortion facility that committed solely suction aspiration abortions. In an interview, she described what was left behindafter these abortions:

[T]eeny-tiny body parts were visible. Well over half of the time body parts were easily discernible. Maybe more like 75% of the time.

That was the only way the doctor could ascertain that the abortion was complete – to count limbs, make sure the spine and skull were present. The “blob of cells” argument is only spouted by people who have never seen the aftermath of an abortion.

Kathy Sparks describes one abortion her facility did by suction:

I remember one time we did a girl that was 12 weeks along, and as little as that baby was, you could see on the sonogram it was sucking its thumb. Twenty minutes later it was in a bottle of formaldehyde all sucked up. We showed the girl the picture and we all laughed. We all got a kick out of it.

It’s hard to imagine, but abortion workers and the baby’s mother thought it was funny that the baby was sucking his thumb before they killed him.

An abortionist, Dr. McArthur Hill, described examining the remains from suction abortions:

[T]he vacuum tubing empties into a tidy little cheesecloth sack… In my second year of residency, I spent two months on a pathology rotation, which is an interesting thing, and I had to come face-to-face with the contents of those sacks. We were studying the embryology of the ovary…

I, personally, then had to search through the jumbled-up mass of tissue to find the fetal gonads, to be sure to include them on the slide so that we could study them.

The jumbled-up mass of tissue was easily identifiable as the torn and shredded body of a tiny human being. It was very obvious when we viewed the slides that we were also studying the embryology of the testes because half of the aborted fetuses were males.

Eventually, Dr. Hill stopped committing abortions.

The pro-abortion book’s sanitized description of abortion is far from the reality of a suction abortion. The description is deceptive.


Editor’s note. This appeared at Clinic Quotes and is reposted with permission.

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