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Pro-life Glenn Youngkin has narrow lead over Pro-abortion Terry McAuliffe as Virginia race for governor enters final hours

by | Nov 1, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

“In an exclusive new FOX 5 poll, Republican Glenn Youngkin has a two-point advantage over Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s gubernatorial race.

“The Insider Advantage poll shows Youngkin at 47% with  McAuliffe at 45%.”  Fox News

“The size and atmosphere of dueling events during the last weekend of campaigning before Election Day on Tuesday reflected the trends in the most recent polls. Mr. Youngkin, the Republican candidate, greeted crowds of more than 1,000, while Mr. McAuliffe, the Democrat, hustled through sparsely attended events from morning to night. …

“[T]he energy this weekend was more palpable among Mr. Youngkin and his supporters, who have heeded the Republican’s calls for a new direction in the state’s political leadership after more than a decade of Democratic governors. Mr. Youngkin has framed the election as an opportunity for Virginians to send a message to the nation that Democrats are out of step with the majority of Americans on a number of issues, from how racial inequality is taught in schools to coronavirus-related mandates.” Jeremy W. Peter and Matthew Cullen. New York Times

In a state carried by 10 points by pro-abortion Joe Biden just one year ago, pro-life Republican Glenn Youngkin has a slight lead over pro-abortion Terry McAuliffe but, by all accounts, a sizable lead in momentum.

Both candidates for governor of Virginia crisscrossed the state over the weekend, continuing the frenetic pace that will not end until late tomorrow evening. Youngkin did not concede the Democrat-leaning areas such as Alexandria to McAuliffe, campaigning Sunday in areas of Northern Virginia which have in recent years been unkind of Republican candidates.

It’s not difficult to tell where the candidates are on the issues that matter to pro-life voters. McAuliffe supports late term abortion, adding a Right to Abortion Amendment to the state constitution, and has bragged that if elected, he would act as a “fire wall” against any prolife law, as he did during his first term of governor. He even held a campaign event at an abortion clinic. And McAuliffe supports funding of abortion.

In stark contrast, Youngkin has repeatedly said he is strongly pro-life and that he supports passing legislation such as the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. He also opposes funding of abortion.

Meanwhile, virtually every poll shows equally tight races for control of the General Assembly and state Senate and for Lt. Gov. (pro-life Winsome Sears versus pro-abortion Hala Ayala) and Attorney General (pro-life Jason Miyares over pro-abortion incumbent Mark Herring).

McAuliffe has called in pro-abortion leaders from out of the state including former President Barack Obama, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Rep. Jim Clyburn.

Youngkin, by contrast, is running a race without a panoply of outsiders.

Tomorrow, a race that is universally taken as a bellwether of what will happen in 2022 will come to a conclusion. 

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