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Texas Heartbeat Law saving babies’ lives

by | Nov 23, 2021

As many as 100 babies a day!

By Dave Andrusko

Texas’s Heartbeat Law—S.B. 8—took effect on September 1. And the impact on the number of babies aborted has been dramatic.

If you want to know the status of abortion in the Lone Star State, look no further than Whole Woman’s Health, which operates four abortion clinics. In the last two months, abortion have dropped 70% to 80%.  

From an interview with Amy Hagstrom Miller, president and CEO of the abortion chain, you can deduce there are four primary reasons for the decline. 

* Since the law went into effect, abortion providers have seen a significant drop in the number of women they are able to serve under the new restrictions, along with fewer calls for those services as well, ” according to the Tribune’s  Karen Brooks Harper and Eleanor Klibanoff. Miller said, “The four Whole Woman’s Health clinics in Texas are operating at 20% to 30% of their previous service levels, with only a fraction of patients coming in or qualifying for abortions under the new restrictions.”

* Less staff. “Staff has been reduced in the Texas Whole Woman’s clinics, not through layoffs but through attrition, Miller said…”

* Uncertainty. “And for the past two months, providers have had to work in a sort of limbo as they wait to see if the new law passes the Supreme Court’s review.”

 *Chilling effect. “But even though clinics haven’t closed yet, and even if the court rules in their favor, Texas providers say they worry that the law has already had a chilling effect.”

How many babies? The abortion clinics are not going to share that data even with the Tribune. (Planned Parenthood is a “financial supporter” of the Texas Tribune.)

“The Texas Heartbeat Act continues to remain in effect, sparing roughly 100 preborn lives each passing day,” according to Texas Right to Life.  “Since the law took effect September 1, an estimated 7,600 babies’ hearts continue to beat as a direct result of the Texas Heartbeat Act!” 

The University of Texas at Austin “obtained monthly data on the total number of abortions provided at 19 of Texas’ 24 abortion facilities,  which provide approximately 93% of all abortions reported in state annual vital statistics data.”

In September 2020, there were 4,313 abortions while in September 2021 there were down to 2,164, according to the research— 2,149  babies’ lives, a drop of almost exactly 50%!

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