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The double gift of adoption

by | Nov 8, 2021

By Massachusetts Citizens Concerned for Life

Editor’s note. November is National Adoption month, “a month set aside to raise awareness about the urgent need for adoptive families for children and youth in foster care.” All this month we will be posting new stories, such as the one that follows, and previously run posts that were particularly well received.

In May, we celebrated The Day of the Birth Mom. It is vitally important that we highlight the courage of these unsung heroes. When you place a baby with another woman, I hear it breaks your heart. I also hear that it fills it like nothing else.

A girl we know recently described her decision to place her baby for adoption as, “The most amazing, heart-shattering gift I ever gave, and ever got.”

But if she had called Planned Parenthood to ask for resources, all she would have received was a pitch for why her career in the military would be ruined by her unplanned child. Instead, she spoke with C.J., who affirmed her strength & referred her to adoption counselors.

Each mom demonstrates heroic courage. We all know at least one woman whose strength is inspiring.

But this month is Adoption Awareness Month, and we’re highlighting that unique courage of a mother who knows cherishing her child means letting another woman raise him or her.

So today, and the remainder of this month, put your pro-life commitment into action, and put love in action by taking a moment to thank a birth-mother. Maybe the mom is yours. Maybe it’s a mother you’ve read about on social media, like the girl above. 

But in a world that denies women’s strength, & aggressively promotes killing their children before offering them the opportunity to give the gift of motherhood to another woman…just saying, “You were a hero” will celebrate her heroism, and show other women the strength they have to make the same heroic decision.

Another amazing woman we’ve worked with in the past shared her full story with us in a previous blog post. Her unique courage took an option that looked like a loss, and made it the chance to expand her whole family through an open adoption. She and the adoptive mother have a relationship with P.J.

That’s a double gift, in one way, isn’t it? Giving your baby life and giving another woman the chance to mother, when she couldn’t naturally.

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