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As 2021 comes to a close, pro-abortionists see gloom and doom

by | Dec 29, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

Page through the links to “a look back at 2021” and the pro-abortion gloom and doom scenarios come at you fast and furious.

UPI’s Daniel Shaw’s headline was over the top but captured the sentiment: “Anti-abortion forces scored major victories in 2021, putting Roe vs. Wade on brink of extinction.” Shaw’s  opening sentence summarized the pro-abortion perspective: “The year 2021 was perhaps the most significant one for U.S. abortion rights in almost five decades and one in which anti-abortion forces scored important legal victories that could yield the most significant changes to the national landscape in recent memory.”

ABC News’s Devin Dwyer was only slightly less apocalyptic: “2021 was pivotal year for abortion laws in America–A half century of abortion rights for American women faltered this year.”

A third—State legislatures in US poised to act on abortion rights”—was slightly more realistic. Wilson Ring begins with pro-abortion strongholds (think Vermont and California) before acknowledging that pro-lifers are the ones passing most of the laws.

The Supreme Court is examining Texas’s Heartbeat Law and Mississippi’s Gestational Age Act. “Other Republican-led states are racing to follow suit,” according to Dwyer. “A record number of states have enacted more than 100 stringent new restrictions on abortion access in the last year alone, according to the Guttmacher Institute, an abortion rights research organization.”

Pro-abortion Prof. Mary Ziegler, described as “a leading abortion law historian,” describes the Supreme Court as “in dialogue with social movements, with political institutions, with health care providers, and that’s what brought us to this moment.” A fascinating insight.

So how do we square “A Washington Post-ABC News poll in November found that most Americans support upholding Roe v. Wade and opposed the Texas law by similar 2-to-1 margins” with the introduction of literally hundreds of protective laws?

Two points might clear up some of the confusion. First, as we have noted dozens of times, the public has no idea that Roe went as far as it did: essentially abortion on demand. When responding to laws that would protect unborn children and their mothers, the public supports our position of loving both. We need to hammer home at this fundamental weakness of the case for abortion.

Second, Texans approve of the Heartbeat Law! No doubt much to the dismay of the pro-abortion Houston Chronicle, a poll “conducted Oct. 4 to Oct. 21 and released Tuesday, found that 55 percent of Texans support Senate Bill 8.”

Contrary to the flood of negative media attention, Texas’ Heartbeat Law—S.B.8—found not only major support among women and men, Latino and white respondents, it also gathered strong support among Independents and nearly 4 in ten Democrats!

Pro-abortion Democrats make up one excuse after another but that doesn’t change the truth. Going into 2022, the Movement has all the momentum.

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