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Biden’s job approval numbers now at 37%

by | Dec 28, 2021

By Dave Andrusko

Presumably there is a bottom to President Joe Biden sinking job approval rating, but he hasn’t found it yet. Before we check those out, let’s see what his personal approval number tells us.

Gallup surveyed 800 random voters and found President Biden personal popularity even lower than Vice President Kamala Harris! Her number is 44%. President Biden’s is 43%.

      Vice President Kamala Harris4454
      President Joe Biden4351

The real shocker is the President’s 37% job approval number versus 54% disapproval from Civiqs’, a “progressive” polling company. 

“That’s significantly worse than the RCP aggregated average of 43/54, which itself has trended badly over the last week,” according to Ed Morrissey. “Compare that to the latest from Republican pollster Trafalgar, which has a similar gap but puts Biden at a slightly higher floor” [40.4% approval, 55.9% disapproval].

He added, “One side gives Biden a sixteen-point negative gap while the other gives him a seventeen-point negative gap. Who says we can’t find consensus in these bitterly polarized political times?”

If you break down Civiqs demographics, you find “few of them give Biden or Democrats in general any reason to celebrate.”

The split among independents is actually worse in this poll, 26/63, for a gap of thirty-seven points rather than thirteen among indies. Unlike other recent polling, Biden’s ahead with Hispanics but only 50/39, and only 65% of black voters approve of his job performance. Biden is underwater in almost every other Civiqs demo, even among 18-34YOs (29/55!), post-graduates (42/49), and even women (41/48). For the first time in a long while, a consensus has formed between college graduates (37/55) and non-college graduates (36/55).

Having perused those ghastly numbers, it’s no wonder the President is off to his home in Delaware.