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CNN: Conservative Justices Anti-‘Science’ for Not Striking Down Abortion Ban

by | Dec 2, 2021

By Kristine Marsh 

The left-wing media likes to obnoxiously tout how pro-science they are yet they abandon science when it comes to gender and when an unborn baby becomes “human.” So it’s remarkable that CNN today, still tried to characterize the conservative pro-life view as the “anti-science” side.

On CNN Newsroom, the panel was reacting to the Supreme Court oral arguments over whether or not the court should uphold Mississippi’s 15-week-abortion ban. Predictably, they attacked the right-leaning justices for expressing openness to upholding the law, while they proudly touted the dogmatic hyperbole from the left-wing justices. 

CNN host Alisyn Camerota was particularly offended by Justice Roberts questioning why 15 weeks gestational age vs. 24 weeks mattered, if abortion was about a woman’s “choice.”  A good question, but that honesty wasn’t appreciated by the CNN host.

“[S]ome of the questions from the justices struck me how little they know about pregnancy. I mean, never mind abortion,” she sneered. Camerota claimed that Roberts’ question revealed his ignorance about pregnancy screenings determining a baby’s viability: “The question from John Roberts, he was basically asking ‘why isn’t 15 weeks fine?’ I mean as though he doesn’t know that there are all sorts of screening tests when you’re pregnant that happen at week 18, at week 20 that decide the viability of your fetus!”

You get important information at week 20 that you didn’t know before that. But it didn’t sound like he understood that!” she further whined to her guest, Gloria Browne-Marshall. 

But if a baby survives past the first trimester around 13 weeks, the risk of spontaneous miscarriage is extremely low. So the only thing Camerota could mean is that if a baby had a congenital disorder that was likely to be fatal, the mother should have the right to abort rather than go through the rest of the pregnancy. However, even Camerota’s complaints weren’t valid, as the Mississippi law still allows abortions in cases of severe fetal abnormalities, which is what that would fall under. 

Browne-Marshall, a constitutional law professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, also was flabbergasted by Roberts’ comments. “I’m hearing somebody who doesn’t really understand that sometimes in the early stages, a woman might not even know she’s pregnant for some time, you know, depending on how her body changes or doesn’t change,” she stated.

The notion that most women wouldn’t know they’re pregnant by four months along, is just far-fetched. But even if you take her argument seriously, some women supposedly don’t even know they’re pregnant until birth, according to some reality television shows. But no one would advocate for “terminating” a baby, then.

Ironically, the CNN contributor undermines her own argument right after this.

Browne-Marshall bashed the conservatives on the court as going against “science” by touting a woman’s choice rather than relying on viability. She also compared it to covid:

I think it’s also a wrestling period of trying to just figure out how can someone feel a time period in which a woman’s choice should be made as opposed to having viability be that choice. And then that brings in science. It goes almost to what we’re dealing with right now with covid, a feeling versus science. And In this instance, that’s what we’re working with this court, is the sense that we want to give the states this power from the conservative standpoint, and that goes against science. So then just forget about science and make up standards as we go along.

She’s right in the sense that feelings shouldn’t be the deciding factor in abortion. Thankfully science already reveals to us that an embryo is a human being with its own DNA from conception, so maybe the left-wing media shouldn’t be claiming science is on their side.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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