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Pro-Abortion Groups OUTRAGED That Pro-Life ‘Misinformation’ Allowed Online

by | Dec 30, 2021

By Catherine Salgado

Now anti-baby-murder ads are “misinformation,” according to the radical left. Pro-abortion groups claimed that tech giants aren’t favoring their baby killing propaganda ads highly enough. The groups are also outraged that any pro-life ads are being run – and run successfully – on those same Big Tech platforms.

Plan C is an organization providing “educational resources” about abortion pills, or essentially “self-managed abortion with pills,” according to an article in Yahoo! News. Plan C said that Facebook removed posts, including one on abortion pills’ effectiveness, and that ads, including one with a cake reading “abortion by mail is a reality in all 50 states,” have been rejected by Facebook.

The group reportedly complained that pro-life abortion pill reversal ads are widely viewed on platforms such as Facebook. Abortion pill reversals had saved 2,500 babies’ lives as of September, according to Live Action Founder and President Lila Rose.

Plan C’s Google account was temporarily suspended and YouTube also temporarily suspended the account of pro-abortion Ipas over abortion pill content, according to the story. Dina Montemarano, research director of pro-abortion advocacy organization NARAL Pro-Choice America, complained that pro-life groups “figured out a way to manipulate” tech platforms for alleged “preferential treatment and bigger microphone” by “crying censorship.”

Montemarano advocated for much greater censorship of pro-life information, calling pro-life content “inaccurate” and “potentially dangerous,” according to the article. Apparently, killing one’s baby is considered less dangerous than saving the baby’s life. The story noted that that Google has already done a takedown campaign targeting pro-life ads.

The article cited the Food and Drug Administration approval of the two-step series of abortion pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol, noting the FDA recently made the former pill available by mail. The story seemingly cast the latter as proof that the abortion pills are not at all dangerous. The outlet did not address the issue that FDA approval cannot change the fact that abortion pills end the life of an innocent human being.

“People already have to jump through so many hoops to get abortion care, and it’s likely to become even more difficult if not impossible for millions of people,” Montemarano mourned. The Supreme Court is currently considering Mississippi’s abortion ban, causing a frenzy among pro-abortion activists.

Live Action president and founder Lila Rose said in September that Google had banned promotion of the “Baby Olivia” video on the timeline of gestation in the womb and had banned “Abortion Pill Reversal ads.”

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and reposted with permission.

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