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PRO-LIFE SHOCK: Univision Airs Anchor Recognition of Humanity and Sentience of the Preborn

by | Dec 3, 2021

By Kathleen Krumhansl 

Univision News delivered a highly unusual pro-life report on Wednesday about the Supreme Court’s hearings on Mississippi abortion law, allowing the broadcast of anchor Carolina Sarassa’s on-air recognition of the humanity and sentience of an unborn child.

The surprising segment also featured three pro-lifers, including Mario Díaz, general counsel for Concerned Women for America, and Raimundo Rojas, Director of National Right to Life, who was asked by Sarassa to speak from the point of view of the unborn.

Take a look at something you rarely see in a Univision newscast, given the network’s historic bias in favor of abortion:

CAROLINA SARASSA, UNIVISION: Raimundo. We’ve just heard this woman’s take, but talk to us from the perspective of the person that cannot speak, of that baby that is in the woman’s womb. When a fetus is at 12 weeks, it can feel, it can dream. What would that fetus say if it were able to have a voice?

RAIMUNDO ROJAS, DIRECTOR NATIONAL RIGHT TO LIFE: “Save me.” It would say, “save me.” 

The significance of this moment cannot be understated. An anchor on a network with a history of grotesque bias in favor of the abortion industry (see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here– just to name a few examples) acknowledged — on air — the humanity and sentience of a preborn child at 12 weeks of gestation. It bears noting, as does our pal Frances Martel, that this is only remarkable because of Univision’s gross disconnect with the audience it claims to champion.

While we can only hope for the Latino media to offer their audiences fairness in their reporting – subsequent Univision reports on the Supreme Court’s hearings in the Mississippi case returned to the usual pro-abortion point of view- at MRC Latino we applaud Sarassa for bringing attention to the unborn: the only ones in the abortion discourse that are unable to speak for themselves.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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